Diwata Ng Bicolandia Bucket List

#DiYolo: Diwata You Only Live Once. So run, hike, travel, enjoy, and love as you can.

What experiences do you want to have?  Activities you want to try or learn about? What do you want to achieve? Who is your #DiYolo? What if you were to die tomorrow, are you going to do this NOW or NEVER?

Tree Planting
Wall Climb
Mount Ugo
Horseback riding
Solo Travel
Heard on a Radio
Trip to Baguio
Run a 50 miles
Feature on a newspaper
Be a mentor for someone
Do Volunteer Work
Be a good example for majority
Inspire someone
Organize a cause
Visit a Zoo
Experience at sunrise/sunset at the mountain/beach
Go deep into the heart of Mother Nature
Fly a kite
Go on a road trip

Hike an active volcano (Mayon Volcano)
Mount Apo
Mount Halcon
Mount Guiting-Guiting
Mount Sicapoo
Mount Kinabalu
Mount Kanlaon
Mount Everest
Solo Hike
Tour someone at Diwata Homeland – Bicolandia
Take a dance (Salsa)
Trek along Sierra Madre Mountain Range
Run an extra mile for 3 days
Go Scuba
Sleep on sidewalk
Do Extreme Sport (Diwatang Himpapawid)
Go Skiing
Be featured on a Magazine
Be featured on a national TV for something you are proud of
Let someone know how much he means to you
Go on a romantic getaway
Visit Paris and Amsterdam
Go stargazing with special someone
Travel with the whole family
Homemade meal for love one
Date a mountaineer/traveler
Fall in love
Name a Mountain (Mount Diwata in Bicolandia)
Diwata Ng Bicolandia to the World

Top 3
Alijijaban Island

Top 2

Top 1
One week stay at Maconacon and Divilacan Isabela plus one day stay at Honeymoon Island with someone you love.



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