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Lubang Island Travel Guide

Lubang Island
There are some places in the Philippines that are nearly impossible to get into. Hardest-to-get-to destinations whose sheer beauty make them worth often challenging journeys, one of this is an island which lies to the northwest of the northern end of Mindoro in the Philippines.

Lubang Island piqued my interest upon looking on the map just last year. Beyond the mountains where a Japanese straggler hid for 30 years after World War II, white sand beaches, coral islets and underwater wonders beckon to the weary soul. This island is a perfect place for a hideaway, there must be more to this place than just the infamous beaches. So I set a trip a couple of weeks back and explored this beautiful island for 3 days. From Manila to Lubang — read on and take a closer peek!

Finally crossed out Lubang in my bucket lists: A destination like no other close to being heaven on earth. The place is so serene with stunning sunsets, white star-sand beaches, and the people are so warm and friendly.

Why it's worth it?

Located at the northern end of Mindoro, not far from Batangas, rich in natural wonders, forests and wild species, Lubang is an immense and breathtaking area of natural beauty. Many people, however, spend the majority of their stay here simply kicking back in a chair with a drink in hand and soaking in the grandeur of creation. 

Morning Run at the shore taken at Protacio Beach Resort

Don't Miss.

Have you ever been lying on your beach blanket, watching the sun set and the first stars come out, and dreamed about spending the night right there on the beach? #ChooseLubang

Random Pictures

Getting There: 

Chartered flights via

Nasugbu Port - Tilik (One Trip/day)
Calatagan Port - Agkawayan (One Trip every other day) 

Lubang Express
Daily Schedule: Lubang-Nasugbu and vice-versa
Booking and Reservations: 0929 3190 910
The trips still depend on traffic and sea conditions.

MB God’s Grace 2
Daily Schedule: Lubang-Nasugbu and vice-versa
The trips still depend on traffic and sea conditions.

Budget Breakdown

155   Manila (Coastal Mall) to Nasugbu via DLTB
 15   Nasugbu (Jolibbe) to Nasugbu Port
392   Nasugbu Port to Tilik Port via MB God's Grace 3
100   Van Transfer from Tilik Port to Protacio Beach Resort
200   1st day meal c/o Protacio Beach Resort (April 13, 2017)
300   2nd day meal c/o Protacio Beach Resort (April 14, 2017)
100   3rd day meal c/o Protacio Beach Resort (April 15, 2017)
500   Room Sharing (4 pax)
900   Room Accommodation (Last day #Solo)
250   Boat Rental Sharing (Cabra Island)
100   Tricycle Ride at Cabra Island
100   Visitor's Tourism Fee (Cabra Island)
250   Habal-Habal Rental to Looc 
100   Lunch at Looc
100   Van Transfer from Protacio Beach Resort to Tilik Port
480   Tilik Port to Nasugbu Port via Lubang Express
 15    Tricycle from Nasugbu Port to Nasugbu Proper
155   Nasugbu to Manila (Coastal Mall) via DLTB

4212 Total 

Contact information:
Protacio Beach Resort 
Kuya Levy - 0929 8799 740

Kuya Edwin - 0908 9776 016


Scuba Diving
Trail Exploration
Waterfalls Exploration
Visit Cabra Island
Trek to Gozar Air Station
Explore other attractions of the Islands of Ambil, Cabra and Golo


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