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Laban ng Lahi 2017

Laban Ng Lahi Marathon Philippine Unity run Challenge
Laban ng Lahi 2017 is an open 18km Team Marathon Challenge. Each team represents a place of choice for the purpose of promoting local culture, best practices, tourism attraction, historical sites, economic/investment opportunities and many more. The competition is a challenge concept because the focus of competition is teamwork & camaraderie where each team requires to carry weight-loaded Team Banner and Guidon.

This event aims to help improve the image of the Philippines (National and Local) create clear professional running career, promote UNITY THRU DIVERSITY among Filipinos hence LABAN NG LAHI, helps address the pressing problems of hunger in poverty and last but not the least provide global entertainment at the remotest Philippine place possible.

Laban Ng Lahi 2017 is the biggest Filipino Bayanihan Project happening on September 10, 2017 at Barangay La Union, Cabadbaran City, Agusan Del Norte where team can win as much as Php 4M!

Lifesaber Laban ng Lahi 2017 – One Nation, One People, One Philippines
Global 18K Team Marathon Challenge
September 10, 2017
Brgy. La Union, Cabadbaran City, Pangasinan

Team Composition
33 Members
• 1 Team Manager
• 1 Team Dietician/Therapist/Assistant Team Manager
• 1 Team Leader (actual runner)
• 30 actual runner members

Team Requirements
Local Team
• must have at least 3 female runners
Foreign Team
• must have at least 2 foreign female runners
• must have at least 3 Filipino runners (at least 1 female Filipino runner)

Refundable registration fee:
Local - P2,000.00/member or P66,000.00/team
Foreign - P3,000.00/member or P99,000.00/team

Registration payments
• Paypal:
• Bank deposit: 
BDO, Camboayon Sports Events Management
Checking Account, 0012-5801-2726
• Directly pay at Laban ng Lahi office located in #23 General Arellano
Street, West Rembo, Makati, 1215

Registration options
1. Registered Team
2. Officially Registered Team
3. Open Registration

Registered Team - is the first qualification each team must comply by paying their team registration fee payment. Applicants under registered team are not yet qualified to run because their registration is still subject for first quota completed, first to officially qualify concept of screening.

Officially Registered Team - is the next qualification that entitles all paid teams to officially participate and compete in Laban ng Lahi 2017. Raffle ticket quota requirement per territorial area is the sole responsibility of the organizers. Failure of the organizers to hit the required raffle ticket quota per territory means automatic merger of territories with lower ticket sales. The territory with highest ticket sales among the merged territories will be declared Officially Registered Team. The rest of the merged teams will be disqualified to participate and their registration fee will be returned within three working days after the official closing of registration date.

Open Registration - Running enthusiasts who have no teams or who cannot make it in a team can still join through open registration option.

Individuals must pay P3,000.00 registration fee for possibility of foreign team inclusion because foreign teams are required to include at least three Filipinos.

Team representation
Each participating place can have multiple team representations:
• Town: 3 teams maximum
• Provincial cities: 4 teams maximum
• Province: 5 teams maximum
• Metro Manila cities: no limit
• Foreign teams: no limit

Team composition
1. Open team
2. Foreign team
3. Corporate team
4. Political sponsorship
5. Colleges and universities
6. National unity

Open team
• means that every team participant can recruit runners/marathoners from other places including foreigners to represent their respective home place or Pinoy communities abroad.
• Female runners - at least three runner members
• Import runners - maximum of 10 import runners per team. Import runners mean non-Philippine passport holder runners. Teams with more than 11 import runners will be considered foreign teams thus requiring them to pay P99,000.00 registration fee.

Foreign team
• No limit provided that it has three 3 Filipino runners with at least 1 female. Foreign teams may or not represent Pinoy communities abroad.
• Team name is a must and should promote anything about the place’s culture, traditions, race, etc.

Corporate team
• Corporate organizations are welcome to join. They must however pay the ticket quota requirement under special account. Upon payment of this ticket quota requirement, the participating company automatically has one brand new car to be raffled off to their employees plus one team of runners to represent their company.
• Foreign corporate company who wish to send one foreign team is also required to pay ticket quota requirement for foreign special account. It likewise enjoys the same benefits with that of local team participants of having one brand new car to be raffled off to their employees plus one team of foreign runners - free of airfare and hotel accommodation.

Political Sponsorship
• Political personalities are allowed to field as many teams as they want provided that their sponsored teams must represent a Philippine place of their choice. Politicians name can be printed at the back of his/her team’s uniform.

Colleges and Universities
• All schools around the country can produce one team of runners and send it as their entry. School applicants are however required to pay special account ticket quota as sponsor/advertiser. If the college or university applicant wishes to just get royalty participation then school applicants are only required to pay royalty fee amounting to P20,000,00 in exchange of school name printing at the back of the team’s uniforms. School sponsored teams will follow the registered team only and officially registered team’s qualifying procedure.

National unity
• As part of CSEM’s social objective of achieving national peace and reconciliation, established groups with respective political views or perspective such as Bayan Muna, Gabriella, CPP/NPA, MNLF, MILF, Cordillera army,The AFP, The PNP and other partylist groups are welcome. They must however represent one Philippine place of their choice.
• This composition also invites parties or groups with the same gender or gender preference to promote social discussion (Example: all women team, all gay team, all lesbian).

Event Proper Regulations

Team banner and guidon
• Each team is required to submit their own team name and design. Banners will be prepared by the organizers and will be fitted to a weight loaded stick.
Absolute disqualification
• Banner and guidon once folded or destroyed while running, automatically and absolutely disqualifies the team. These items mean everything for the team to win because these are the symbols of people’s pride and prestige and therefore it must be carried by the team with utmost care all throughout the race.

Judging criteria and committee
Head: Representative from the Office of Hon Mayor Kat Mortola
Assistant Head 1: Rep from the office of Hon Governor Angelica Amante-Matba
Assistant Head 2: Rep from the office of Hon Congressman Erlpe Amante
Assistant Head 3: Rep from the office of the DFA or PSC
Committee Members:Rep from the DOT Region 1-13
Guest Committee Member: from Asian region
Guest Committee Member: from the rest of the world

Shortest time 63%
Uniform 13%
Chant 5%
Team work 8%
Local support 11%
Total: 100%

Note: Team uniforms are the concern of the participating teams. Tailor fit uniforms are not required for as long as team uniformity TEAM UNIFORMITY is present. Participating teams can run shirtless but with body paint with their team name so as to dramatize the promotion of their home town's culture.

Time Penalties
Any team will be meted with procedural penalties (time additional) for any runner member who cannot reach the finish line for whatever reasons (injury, team strategy, bogging down, etc).

Below are the time additional penalties:
1-4 runners: 2 minutes each
5-9 runners: 2 minutes each + 5 minutes + 1% less (teamwork)
10-15 runners: 2 minutes each + 10 minutes + 3% less (teamwork)
15 Runners up: 2 minutes each + 30 minutes + 5% less (teamwork)
Torn flaglet or banner on the other hand is subjected to 10 minutes additional time penalty.


Ultimate champion:
• P3,000,000.00 (tax free) from LifeSaber
• P1,000,000.00 worth of road concreting project
• Customized trophy
• Other sponsor’s prize

Second best team P800,000.00 + sponsor’s prize
Third best team P500,000.00 + sponsor’s prize
Fourth to Tenth best team P100,000.00 each + sponsor’s prize
Consolation prizes Sponsor’s prize
Special prizes
• most organized team
• most inspiring team
• most promising team
• best foreign team
• best corporate team

Distance and route
The event is a 18km semi-cross country team marathon competition where runners race route traverses paved and unpaved road link, uphill/downhill route, seafront, river footbridge and last 1km concrete road stretch.

Merging of territories
Raffle registered accounts together with each respective home place or team with below minimum ticket sales will be merged based on the following territories
• Region 1-13
• Metro Manila
• Asia
• Rest of the world

Alongside the marathon, there will be a Love of the Country Raffle Promo, a complementary event of the Global Marathon Challenge. It aims to revive the spirit of “Bayanihan” among Filipinos here and abroad. All interested individuals are welcome to join. Raffle tickets can be purchased online, authorized agents or at the authorized outlets.

Raffle Mechanics

Who can join
• All interested individuals irrespective of citizenship are welcome to join
the event. Raffle tickets can be purchased online, authorized agents or outlets.
No age limit
• Any individual can buy multiple raffle tickets and can also win multiple
prizes. Absolutely no restrictions as to the number of prizes won.

Team to support
• Ticket buyer is required to fill up the “Home place to support” field to indicate the buyer’s sincerest nationalistic desire to help his/her very home place or any other places he/she wants to support. The more tickets bought, the more Filipino poor households to benefit because a good percentage of the raffle event proceeds will go to ITIKAN LOVE PROJECT – an anti-hunger and anti-poverty program of CSEM.

Territorial tickets
• Ticket distribution is by territory and each territory will have one set of raffle prizes. Sets of raffle prizes can be increased depending on the number of teams to participate in each territory.
Example: Manila city account
If there are 10 officially registered teams for Manila city then there will be 10 first prizes cars to be raffled off for all Manila account ticket buyers.

Raffle prizes
First prize 2017 Toyota Altis
Second prize 2017 model motorcycle
Minor prizes washing machines, refrigerators, electric fans, TV, etc Social benefits every official registered team (with or without the support of the LGU) can have one Itikan Love Project to the place it represents. At least 1,000 up to 2,000 poor households will be registered (free of membership charge) as beneficiaries to Itikan Love Project. Purchasing one raffle ticket is a great favor to the entire nation, wholeheartedly battling the social problems of hunger and poverty.

Raffle ticket security
All paid raffle tickets will be locked in at the website’s database & offline masterlist. Paid tickets can be regularly checked online by the ticket buyer to ensure its ownership.

Raffle draw, winners and claiming of prizes
Raffle draw - will be done during Laban ng Lahi 2017 team marathon awarding night in Cabadbaran City, Agusan del Norte. This will be broadcasted live at the event’s Facebook page and the contracted radio and/or tv network.

• Personal information of the winning raffle ticket shall be validated and counterchecked at the information stored in the website’s database and offline masterlist. If the name or information written on the winning physical ticket is different from the database stored information then only the raffle ticket number is retained and the name of the ticket holder stored at the database shall be the name to be officially honored as the true winner.
• Names of all winners will be posted at CSEM’S website.
• Winners will also be duly notified via text, email, phonecalls.

Claiming of prizes
• Winning ticket buyer can claim their prizes at the designated Laban ng Lahi 2017 raffle prize display center located in local government centers.

Merging of territories
Raffle registered accounts together with each respective home place or team with below minimum ticket sales will be merged based on the following territories
• Region 1-13
• Metro Manila
• Asia
• Rest of the world

Random Pictures
Taken during media launch at Viking Mall of Asia

Capt. Jonel Pogoy speaking during the Media Launch held recently at Vikings MOA.

The said event is sponsored by LifeSaber and organized by Camboayon Sports Event Management. The event will take place at Brgy. La Union, Cabadbaran City, Agusan Del Norte on September 10, 2017.

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