Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Piodurunners: Never Too Late To Start

Growing up on a place not known to many people that is rich in coastal resources on the western coast of Albay in Bicol Region is more that just the history of the place but the people of Pio Duran that are ready to take extra mile in every beginning. They are the people of today to represent their town in the local, national and international scene in running. 

#Piodurunners after their first inaugural run at LG Code 25th Years Run for a Cause: Takbo Kontra Droga in Legaspi Albay.

Think you're too old to start running? Or too out-of-shape? Look at these folks for inspiration. Yes, it might be tough to get off your bed to jog every morning, to train and to join races, now is the time to move because it's never to late to start running, as long as you're careful. 

It all started when one of the member Venice approached by two of the members of BJMP in Pioduran during his training along the streets of their town. It happened to be just an ordinary Hi and Hello scenario that surprisingly push them to conceptualized a team that will somehow recognized their town. With any other running team "Piodurunners" is under the leadership of the present Vice-Mayor Marvin Quiroz with it's commitment to develop camaraderie, active lifestyle, to raised the awareness of this sport to the youth in order for them to get rid of evildoing and to encourage the people to start living a healthy lifestyle. 

It's never too late to start running, promoting positive body image by way of exercise has long been the name of the game for some people, says Venice Vargas.

To "Piodurunners" remember that running is a process and patience is the key to improvement, don't be so hard on yourself and cherish the little achievements. Welcome to running community and always believe that you can and you are halfway there. 


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