Friday, October 7, 2016

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How to step closer to an equal world?

Featured Marathoner Pinoy Fitness Run For Equality Run for Love
It was an opportunity for Rye to spread word and information, to make people aware that in this world, we need equality.  As the saying goes, one person can make a difference, and everyone should try. For me, this was more than the peoples feelings to take a step in the right direction. A step towards the future where everything that we never thought was possible, is possible. 

For no reason other than the timing of when he was born, Rye have grown up in a world that has become ever increasingly tolerant of the LGBT community. But that wasn’t the case for the generations before who put up with and bravely fought discrimination and exclusion. Ranging from employment non-discrimination to ending violence against trans people, this major step towards equality is nonetheless cause for celebration and a reason to be proud. 

Getting fit? Yes, it is a lifestyle choice. If you want to build a lasting fitness habit, you need to overcome his instinct. Here are some facts you need to know about Rye Daza: 

-  Recently, I was able to achieve one of the most coveted accomplishments by regular non-competitive runners in the local (road) running scene- I qualified for my age group (18-34) in the 40th Milo Marathon Manila Eliminations. My qualifying cutoff is 3:55 Hrs, and I finished earlier than that. For me, it's an achievement, because not a lot of regular runners can do it; only those faster ones. In my case, I'm not really that fast so I had to set it as a goal. I trained harder and religiously followed my training plan to be able to achieve it. It's always an amazing feeling when you achieve the goal you set for yourself. 

- The experience of racism is nothing new among Filipinos, nor is it so simple. Honestly before, my purpose for taking on running as a sport is to have something to compensate my unhealthy vices. Until I learned to love- it to the point that my body would long for that feeling I get when running, the natural high as they say. Within it I also learned that there are more amazing things I can accomplish in running. One of which is promoting my advocacy. I do it through running because, there is a bigger audience, people are more likely to watch, especially when you're wearing eye-catching running clothes (Pride flag-printed singlet and super skimpy shorts for me). I saw it as an opportunity. I'm running to spread word and information, to make people aware that in this world, we need equality.

- Currently my dream race is the Milo National Finals, to participate in it as a qualifier. And I will, come December. I am a man of simple dreams, I do not aspire for big international races. 

One of the things that makes me proud as a runner is the fact that it's now a mainstream sports but only a very small percentage of the population all over the world do it. Another thing is the endurance I have achieved through running even if it's one of the most inexpensive sports. But in a deeper sense, the things that really make me proud being a runner is the camaraderie, lightness and warmth of atmosphere in events, especially in ultramarathons and trail runs. Everyone is concerned, cheerful, friendly and helpful to each other. One of the things I particularly enjoy in running is being on support duties during ultramarathons.  

"Sa lahat ng mapagkakautangan, mileage ang masakit maningil. Chos!"

Instagram: @thedazara
Facebook: Rye Daza
Twitter: @thedazara
Running Team: Team Matindi/ Simple Hydration Run Team

Rye Daza is a long distance self-trained runner who is an advocate of LGBT. He promotes Gender Equality through running (which you will easily recognize during events, wearing a pride flag-printed singlet that says "I RUN FOR GENDER EQUALITY #LGBT"). He also promotes active lifestyle for people who have full time jobs (especially for those who are working at night). He himself works on a night shift and trains mostly after his shift. He is a member of Team Matindi and member of the worldwide Simple Hydration Run Team. 


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