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Rice Terraces Marathon Year 3 2016

Hungduan Ifugao Marathon Mountain Province Mountain Run Rice Terraces Marathon
The name of Hungduan came from the word “Hungdu.” It means “to traverse through.” This word means a place where a person traverses through on their way to another place. In ancient times, the place serves as the portal from one municipality to another like a place in Ifugao to Benguet. The terraces have long been protected and managed through traditional ancestral land use management traditions of the indigenous Ifugao community. Individual terraces are privately owned and protected through ancestral rights, tribal laws and traditional practices. The maintenance of the living rice terraces reflects a primarily cooperative approach of the whole community which is based on detailed knowledge of the rich diversity of biological resources existing in the Ifugao agro-ecosystem, a finely tuned annual system respecting lunar cycles, zoning and planning, extensive soil conservation, and the mastery of a most complex pest control regime based on the processing of a variety of herbs, accompanied by religious rituals. Run through Spider web Rice Terraces (UNESCO World Heritage) Hapao Rice Terraces, Waterfalls, Hotspring, Coldspring, SpanishTrail, Panique rice field. Run, Exlpore, Discover Hungduan, Ifugao.

Rice Terraces Marathon Year 3 2016
July 16-17, 2016
Hungduan, Ifugao

Event Distances, Registration and Inclusions:

21K     Php 1,500
42K     Php 2,500

Inclusive of Enviromental Fees, Personalized BIB, Certificate, Carboloading, Breakfast, Post Run Meal, Finishers Medal (21k & 42K Finishers), Finisher’s Shirt – short sleeves (21K, 42k Finishers)


The registrants are advised to bring their own tent/ sleeping bags since accommodation in the area are very limited (nearest accommodation are in Brgy Hapao – 8 kilometers away from the start / finish line) but you may still book you accommodation in Brgy Hapao or nearest inn/homestay if you wish.

You may also pitch your tent on the grounds or in the hall 

Getting There: Hungduan can be reached from through Banaue.

Manila – Banaue 
Baguio – Banaue
Ohayami Trans / KMS Bus Lines / UV Express

Banaue – Hungduan
From Banaue (bus stop) we will have a Banaue – Hungduan FREE shuttle.


July 16, 2016
Arrival: Orientation & Carboloading 5:00 PM
Lights out 9:00 PM

July 17, 2016
Assembly / Breakfast 5:00 AM
Gunstart 6:00 AM
Post Run Meal 10:00 AM
Awarding 11:00 AM

The race has NO CUT OFF TIME but we will remove the AID station after 8hrs, along the way there are sari sari stores that you can Refresh. Orientation, Carboloading, Assembly, Start & Finish will be at the Heritigae Village, Hungduan Ifugao.


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