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1st Isla ng Catanduanes Ultra Marathon 2016

1st Isla ng Catanduanes Ultra Marathon 2016 Bicol Catanduanes

Geographically situated at the easternmost part of the Bicol Peninsula, separated from the mainland Bicol by Maqueda Channel and Lagonoy Gulf, Catanduanes is the Philippine land mass closest to the Pacific Ocean.

Getting Catanduanes by land is daring and more adventurous, but running around the island would be more extreme and pretty much amazing. From the coast to the historical sites of the province, waves cascading endlessly and a picturesque perfect views, John Henri Mariano and Lao Ogerio both native of the province challenge you to run on the 1st Isla ng Catanduanes Ultra Marathon to be held on October 21 - 22, 2016 at the Capital of the island, Virac. This event will let every runners see the #AwesoMAZING destinations specially those untouched and feel the simple life of the locals. Part of the proceed of the event will benefit The Philippine Red Cross to support the projects and programs of the province. 

Explore amazing places, Dagos po kamo sa Islang Magayon!

1st Isla ng Catanduanes Ultra Marathon 2016
October 21 – 22, 2016
Virac, Catanduanes


Regular Registration fee (until September 30, 2016)
110k – Php 2500
65k – Php 2000
5k – Php 250

Early Bird Registration (until July 15, 2016)
110k – Php 2000
65k – Php 1500


Finisher’s Medal 
Finisher’s Trophy 
Finisher’s Shirt
Post Meal

Finisher’s Medal
Finisher’s Shirt
Post Meal


Note: Top 3 Male and Female of 110km and 65km will receive podium trophies.

Gun Start and Cut-off Time:

110km – 10:00PM, October 21, 2016 | 24 hours 
65km – 04:00AM, October 22, 2016 | 14 hours
5km – 06:00AM, October 22, 2016

How to register:
Payment thru Bank Deposit
Bank: Banco De Oro
Account Number: 4460088072
Account Name: Laurencio A. Ogerio

Send your deposit slip via email to jhamnich@gmail.com together with your name, contact number and shirt size. For more information, you may contact the race director 0909 825 6457 | 0999 902 8886.

Rules and Regulations

1. All participants must be at the starting area 2 hours before the gun start.

2. Mandatory Gears

110km Runners
* reflectorized vest
* hydration bag
* headlamp or flashlight
* aid kit
* snacks

65km Runners
* reflectorized vest
* hydration bag
* headlamp or flashlight
* aid kit
* snacks

3. Race Bib must be visible at all times.

4. Motorcycle and Bicycle are strictly prohibited. Support is optional. Just in case you have your support vehicle, it must be registered to the race organizer. Failure to do so will result to disqualification.

5. Support Vehicle must be always at the right side of the runners.

6. Runners and support crew are not allowed to litter; anyone caught for this will lead to disqualification. Let us all help preserve the island.

7. Support Vehicle and crew will not follow the runner at all times ( shadowing)

8. 110km and 65km will run in an open traffic.

9. Runners are required to run at the left side of the road for safety reason.

10. Runners who want to leave the race or want to discontinue the race he/she must notify the race officials.

11. Runners are not allowed to enter to his support vehicle.

12. Runners are allowed to sleep only outside the support vehicle.

13. All Runners must follow the correct route.

14. Runners must run in single file.

15. Pacers are not allowed.

16. Registration fee is non-Refundable and non-Transferable.

17. The organizer will provide aid stations along the route. (The distance of each station to be announced.)

18. Every participant MUST finish his leg within the cut-off time if he fails he can still continue to run.

19. To those who finished the race within the cut-off time 110k participants will receive Finisher Shirts, Trophies, Medals and post race meals while the 65k will receive Finisher shirts, Medals and Post race meals.

20. Organizers have the right to remove any participants from the race either because of cheating, not following rules or due to medical emergencies.

21. Top Finisher for 110K and 65K both Male and Female (Champion, Ist and 2nd Runner-up) will receive A Podium Trophy and entitled to a free slot next year’s edition of ICUM (2017).

22. Claiming of race kits and race briefing date, place and time to be announced.

23. Rain or shine the event will take place.

24. The 110k distance is open to all who finished several ultra marathon distances.
Note: The organizer may require you to submit copies of finisher and medical certificates when necessary, for safety purposes.

25. The 65k distance is open to all who finished marathons and ultra-marathons.
Note: The organizer may require you to submit copies of finisher and medical certificates when necessary, for safety purposes.

26. All the participants MUST sign the WAIVER before the race.

27. Race kit claiming date and venue to be announced very soon.


29. Be prepared and don’t think it would be an easy feat, but it will be a fun and outstanding adventure.

30. There will be no cash prizes to be given to the top finishers.

31. Enjoy the race. Run if you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just don’t QUIT!

32. Register now, limited slots only for the 110KM and 65KM.

33. Good luck and hope to see you!


Puraran Surf Resort
Puraran, Baras, Catanduanes
Cecilia Soria @ Mobile: +63 949 134 3443 | +63 921 664 1933
Website: www.puraransurf.com

Twin Rock Beach Resort
Igang, Virac, Catanduanes
Ms. Nancy C, Cua @ (052) 811-3742 | +63928 903 8525 | +63920 958 2130
Website: www.twinrock.com.ph

MonteKarlo Waterfront Tourist inn
224 San Vicente, Virac, Catanduanes
Mrs. Fe Hayne Aguilar @ Mobile: +63 928 698 9559 | +63 905 3230 230
Website: www.montekarlo.net Website: www.info@montekarlo.net

Kemji's Resort & Restaurant 
San Isidro Village, Virac, Catanduanes
Ms. Nancy C. Cua @ +63 999 885 7907 |+63 928 421 0960 |+63 947 430 8773
Website: www.kemjiresortandrestaurant.com

Catanduanes Midtown Inn
San Jose Street., Virac, Catanduanes
Ms. Carina Co @ +63947 563 8165 | +63927 804 8324 |(052)811-0527 | Fax No. (052)811- 1628
Website: www..info@catmidinn.com

Rakdell Inn
San Pedro, Virac, Catanduanes
Engr. Rafael Rodulfo @ +63910 374 3230 | +63926 945 5826
Website: www.rakdellinn.com

Rhaj Inn Apartelle & Executive Inn
Rizal Avenue, Gogon Centro, Virac, Catanduanes
Ms. Mary Joan Urgel @ +63 912 318 0857
Email: rhaj_inn2006@yahoo.com

ARDCI Corporate Inn
San Roque, Virac, Catanduanes
Ms. Cristy Vela @ +63928-903-8525 & 0918-325-1709
Website: www.ardciinvirac.com

Marem Pension House
136 Rizal Ave., cor. Rafael Street, Sta. Cruz, Virac, Catanduanes
Mr. Paulo Sixto Landig +63 929 162 0000 | +63 929 221 0668
Website: www.MAREM.com.ph

Moonwalk Villa Resort
Moonwalk, Virac, Catanduanes
+63 906 760 0858 | +63 908 914 5267

Terrazas de Ponti Mansions 
Real Street, Calatagan Proper, Virac, Catanduanes
+63 916 517 4378
Email: ponti_mansions@yahoo.com

Carangyan Beach Resort
Pandan, Catanduanes
Dolly Eusebio Lyle @ +63 917 648 7175 |+63 999 916 9122
Email: CarangyanBeachResort@gmail.com


Blossoms Restaurant
Rizal Avenue, Virac, Catanduanes
Landline: (+6352) 811-1009 Mobile: +63 922 950 4346
Email: blossoms.restaurant@yahoo.com

Kemji's Resort & Restaurant
San Isidro Village, Virac, Catanduanes
Ms. Nancy C. Cua @ +63 999 885 7907 |+63 928 421 0960 |+63 947 430 8773
Website: www.kemjiresortandrestaurant.com

Sea Breeze Restaurant
Pier site, Salvacion, Virac, Catanduanes
Landline: (+6352) 811-0664
Website: www.seabreezeresto.com

The Fin Bar & Grill
Virac Center Mall, Sta. Cruz, Virac, Catanduanes
Mobile: +63 947 890 3564
Email: thefincatanduanes@gmail.com

Must See

Catanduanes offers a wide variety of electrifying festivals, exciting nature adventures, stunning beaches, and enriching cultural treasures that complements to deliver a truly remarkable experience. (Places you can visit after the run.) 

 Binurong Point, Baras, Catanduanes
Come here to enjoy the quiet and calm Catanduanes!

Puraran Beach, Catanduanes
Strong waves from the pacific ocean make Puraran Beach a perfect surfing destination. 


By airplane. Tourist can catch any of the daily flights to and from Virac town and Manila. Regular ferry trips from mainland Bicol are also available.


There are no taxis in the island. Getting around Catanduanes, one may take a bus, jeepney, van, tricycle or a motorbike. In the capital town of Virac, tricycles are the common public transport. Some accommodation establishments have their own transport vehicle for visitors checked in at their hotels. For the more daring and adventurous, the entire province could be reached by motorcycle.


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