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Mt. Naguiling

Atis Capital of the Philippines Batangas Mountains Lobo Batangas Lobo Mountain Range Mount Naguiling
One of the tourist destinations in the province of Batangas is a town the sits the coast lines that become haven for both local and foreign scuba divers and tourist. Apart from being well-known as the Sugar Apple Capital of the Philippines, Lobo now became one of the best well-kept secret hiking destination near the Metro.

Mount Naguiling - located at the southern corridor of Lobo in Batangas, this peak is a candidate for Batangas tallest mountains is part of Lobo-San Juan Mountain Range that sits between the famous Mount Daguldol of San Juan and Bangkalan and Nagpatong Peak of Lobo.


Mount Naguiling starts in Barangay Jaybanga with a breathtaking views of Lobo-San Juan Mountain Range such as Bangkalan, Nagpatong, Naguiling and Daguldol plus the lush green rice terraces of Barangay Jaybanga.


The first part of the trail is almost similar to Mount Daguldol trail as it passes local houses with blogable sceneries. After passing a typical agricultural land we encounter the Y-intersection leading to the campsite and summit. From the intersection we trek 10 minutes to reach the campsite that offers a captivating views of Southern Batangas. 

From Y-intersection to the summit assault is approximately 2-3 hours trek on a bushes and trees where you can spot flora and fauna along your way.  One of the most memorable experience hiking Mount Naguiling is the exotic adventure with the nature and the extraordinary mystery of the place. (Ayoko na magkwento nung mga nakita at nagparamdam sakin. huhu basta yun, nakakatakot ang daan may something eh.) 


0100 ETD Manila
0400 ETA Lobo, Batangas. Register at police station. 
0500 Arrival at trailhead. 
* Register
* Secure Guides
0530 Start trekking
1100 ETA Mt. Naguiling (1007 MASL).
* Lunch
1200 Turn Around Time
* Start descent 
1530 ETA Balatikan campsite 
1730 Back at trailhead. Tidy up
1830 ETD for Manila
2130 ETA Manila


What to Bring
Change Clothes, Extra Clothes including 
Extra socks
3-4L water
Trail Snacks
Small Towel/Face Towel
Personal Meds/Wipes
Insect repellant
garbage bag


Budget - 900

Random Pictures

Group pic with kuya guide.

According to our guide, a traverse climb connecting Bangkalan Peak, Patong Peak, Mt. Naguiling and Mt. Daguldol is also possible, considering all those peaks are part of the Lobo-San Juan Mountains.

Mountaineering is all about meeting new people on the trail. - The Avengers Mountaineering 


Lobo, Batangas
Major jumpoff: Brgy. Jaybanga, Lobo
Alternate jumoff: Brgy. Curba (if via Bangkalan)
LLA: 13°39′50.7′′N 121°18′0.5′′ E 1007 MASL (+850)
Days required / Hours to summit: 1-2 days / 4-7 hours
Specs: Major climb, Difficulty 5/9, Trail class 1-3 
Features: Views of Southern Batangas, woodlands, agricultural heartland

Kuya Freddie Dilay and JR Dilay - 09123158600 / 09193763311 
Kuya Allan Magnaye and Alvin Magnaye - 09488572737

Cell phone signal in the Jump-off area fluctuates, take this into consideration when communicating to the locals/local officials of Brgy. Jaybanga. Once you gain a higher altitude you get cellphone signal but it takes one hundred meters or more.  


  1. Hi! I've been to Mt Tibig last year and it's also situated in Lobo. Do you need a private vehicle to go to the jump off? I'd like to go back to Lobo and climb Mt.Naguiling.

    1. Yes, you'll be needing a private vehicle or better hire a jeepney to get Barangay Jaybanga for it takes you a one-of-a-kind off the beaten ride. You may contact the contact numbers above! - Dios Mabalos!

  2. Hi! Do you know how much is it to rent a Jeep? I just read your message today. Thank you so much!

    1. I don't have idea on how much is the rental for jeep since we take private vehicle getting Barangay Jaybanga. You can contact Kuya Freddie Dilay and JR Dilay - 09123158600 / 09193763311 for your concern.


  3. Allowed po ba ang overnight sa Mt. Naguiling? Thank you.



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