Monday, May 30, 2016

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Guide Man of Maynoba became viral on social media.

Carrot Man CJ Querol Gasoline Man Guide Man Jayrick Sigmaton Mount Cayabu Mount Maynoba Neil Perez
There were a lot of mountains to hike near the Metro, but this newly opened mountain in Tanay caught the attention of many hikers whether newbie or hardcore because of the stunning sunrise and sunset, sea of clouds and the amazing eight waterfalls of Maynoba Circuit. After the successful exploration and inauguration last March 22, 2016 another thing to consider climbing this mountain is the newest trending local guide. 

From handsome policeman Neil Perez, ‘Carrot Man’ Jeyrick Sigmaton, 'Gasoline Man' CJ Querol, The Jeepney Driver Man, Filipinos have found a new Internet sensation! 

Photo Courtesy of Mary Anne Comia Villadelrey

A twenty something good looking guide of Maynoba Circuit became one of the trending topic on CLIMBER because of the undeniably good looks that he possesses. Original post on CLIMBER posted by Mary Anne Comia Villadelrey. "Pampagood vibes naman tayu. Si Mr. Guide ng Mt. Maynuba. Nakakawala ng pagod ang dimples nya. Gandang tanawin habang nagtetrail."

According to the Vice-President of the Association of Local Guides in Maynoba, Glenn is married to a girl who is a native of Tanay in Rizal with two siblings. 

Photo Courtesy of Hector Amaro
Posted on CLIMBER

Maynoba Circuit dominating the landscape of Tanay Rizal will surely be the next best-hiking destination near the Metro, but my dear folks please be responsible enough visiting this place.

Pro-Tip: According to Ronald Africano, Glenn is not an official member of the local guide association, but he is an on-call guide during weekends due to the huge number of hikers. So if you wish to be escorted by this cutie guide you know when is the best day to hike. Smile Emoticon.
Photo Credit: Millet Malasaga 


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