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The Beautiful Horizon Trail Run 2016

Anino River Mount Marami New Era Silyang Bato The Beautiful Horizon Trai Run 2016 Trail Running

Over the river and through the woods that often gives us a much more scenic view than we could ever hope for on an urban jaunt on the road is one of the perks of Trail Running. From fresh air that is good for our lungs, to the trees and grass that sway along our way that produces natural endorphin making us quieter, calm and happy is all about the nature.

Often defined as a “path beaten” through “rough” terrain, which makes it innately more bumpy than the perfectly-flat road, trail running make me feel like a runner. When things spin out of control in an age of these new technologies, running in the trail is one thing we can count on to be pretty much the same as it's always been. 

Every race has a different story and every stories we have whatever it is, it's all to keep and to treasure. There's a lot of races last Sunday, but why is it I choose to joined this race? 

My dear folks, let me share you some of my insights about The Beautiful Horizon Trail Run 2016. My top ten possible reasons why more and more out-of-the-door enthusiast are getting in to trail running.

1. The serenity of route makes me happy.
It's very grounding as I look at the trees, the birds and the sun. I feel like there's something bigger than oneself, that's Mother Earth.

2. Obstacles
The river crossing, the mud pits to ford, the fallen trees to hop and all the trees and rocks I need to watch along the trail is what I love about trail running - those obstacles.

3. Run with your Heart 
Imagine running on a hot weather with a trekking pole and a weight of two or more kilograms on your back. Quite difficult, but with your discipline, determination and love everything will turn into glory.

4. Overcome Fear of Heights
Obviously you don’t want to, but obviously you are going to run until the cliff runs out. Don't look down! Smile Emoticon

5. Unforgettable Experience.
From the trail class, elevation, location and the views from one trail can be completely different from another. This make the race unforgettable, every spot provides distinct trail experience.

6. Develop camaraderie.

For every race I joined there is always competition, but at the end of the day we are bind as one, a family. Were all in this together!

Photo taken @ AS2 courtesy of Ayala Triads Member Kelvin Dela Torre.

Meet the 49 year old Belgian National And Strong Finisher of The Beautiful Horizon Trail Run 2016 Sir Frank Smolders. He visited the Philippines just to taste the trails and see the scenic views of Maragondon Mountains specially in Mt Marami Silyang Bato.
Selfie with my new found trail runner friend, Tin Salazar from Caloocan City. Picture taken at the last 7kms... the superlative hotness open wide trail. Laban na lang talaga!

Eis Runner of Team Heroes Phil.

At 21 I didn't expect that I will finish 30 kilometers race on rail, this is my first trail run and one of the mellow and best experience so far. I enjoyed the race specially meeting my co-runners along the trail, a people with same passion in life. It was also the camaraderie that keeps me going from the start up to the finish line.

7. Never give up.
Hindi ako kriminal para sumuko.

Approaching the Finish Line. Photo courtesy of @Juanderboy

8. I feel hardcore after the trail run. Charot!
I'm not big, I mean I'm not as hardcore as the champions, but after this race I feel like I am queen, an emotional queen that was born to be Irreplaceable. 

9. Give Thanks.

Kudos to these folks who find time and sacrificed their effort for making the event successful. From the event organizers to race director up to the marshal's and photographers. Dios Mabalos!

10. Dito ka raw makakamove-on.

Spending time in nature can give a person emotional connection. Sa bundok ako unang nagmahal at NASAKTAN? Kaya hanggang ngayon nandito pa rin ako, umaasa sa mga paasa. Charot! Dito ako naglalabas ng sama ng loob, kinakausap ko mga punong kahoy at halaman tungkol sa mga nangyayari sa buhay ko. 

Marami naman isda sa dagat eh, kaya derecho lang hindi pa huli ang lahat. haha #TrailRunPaMORE

The Beautiful Horizon Trail Run 2016 Podium Finishers

Male Category
Overall Champion: Joseph Gentoleo
1st Runner Up Overall: Jelson Bestoir
2nd Runner Up Overall: Chrisboy Angon

Female Category
Champion: Penny Nepomuceno
1st Runner Up: Lei Mangubat
2nd Runner Up: Jilian Ampos

Race Result: https://neweraraceeventmanagement.wordpress.com/2016/03/07/race-results-the-beautiful-horizon-trail-run-2016/

"It is hard to believe, but this is the very first time that I set camp on the mountains. This is to make sure that the trail markers that I put on 36 hours before the race are still in the right position and or not missing/detached. Always, my top priority is the safety of the runners. I am also happy to be with my friend Papi Joji Salvador and my new found friend Papi Kelvin de la Torre and Mark Sandrick to help me assist the runners at the aid station 2 KM 13.5 (The Critical Junction) 

I thank God that the race went well and no one is injured or hurt. For the marshals who volunteered (specially to Coach Sir Mar Marilag) thank you and Kudos to all of you, your efforts are very well appreciated. To my Co Organizers Ka Totoy Santos, Michael Maleriado, Rico Laplana who sacrificed their busy schedule to prepare. For the participants, thank you all for supporting the event. The locals of Barangay Talipusngo are thankful that you visited their mountain. We also helped them to make a living. We hoped that you enjoyed the race. It may not be a perfect race... we did what we can to make this happen. Thank you." said JC Igos.

Random Pictures

Do you want to try trail running? The first step is simply going out and give it a try. It will totally change how you train and how you think about running. And who knows, it's not only about you, it's more than you, yourself, your healthy and happy life.

Trail running is all about pushing your limits and living on the edge. It’s about adventure and excitement. But more than anything we should always think about our safety, it should always be the #1 priority.

See you on the trails!


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