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Running Tips from Award Winning Runners

BDM Champion Finisher Fitness Enthusiast Marathoner Pinoy Aspiring Runners Runner Running Ultra-Marathoner

Believe it or not, running is actually a great way to increase your overall level of health, it can also help reduce the risk of having a stroke. Running can provide a noticeable boost to your confidence and self-esteem. It's incredibly beneficial to our body, mind, and spirit, and you will find that even short runs can leave your feeling more energized, more focused, and better able to enjoy all that life has to offer toward self-discovery, new friendships and incredibly meaningful experiences that you'll never forget.

The following runners are the ones who took time and effort in giving us the following tips and advice that we can all immediately implement to level up our sport - Running.

Read on, relax and take your time to go through them. There’s definitely something for everyone here.

Argel Joseph E. Mendoza a.k.a. Bullet Runner
Facebook: Argel Joseph E Mendoza
Instagram: StridersBullet

In running you should not just run & run. In Order for you to get a good result or good personal record. First, you should be well organized in your training plan (Proper diet is included here) you can explore and experiment in the different training plans that you can get and stick to what’s effective for you, training plan depends on the distance goal. And Most of all you should be disciplined AT ALL TIMES you also have to have a passion, determination and hard-work because without these you wont achieve your goal in running  or you will be just getting injuries without proper training. 

For me, what I do in a week is that I divided the 7 days into different training sessions that is composed of legs work out, speed training, endurance training witg heat training, and uphills training.

Usually Sunday is the endurance training in which you have to run AT LEAST 32kms or more with proper hydration. And the most Important is that there should be a day where your body can have a  FULL REST.

Why train hard run smart? As What I’ve said on my previous statement We don’t just run & run. Running is not only physical challenge but it is a combination of physical & mental challenge in Which you have to strategize in the actual race event because if you don’t strategize chances are your training program will become useless and you won’t achieve your goal.

One Week Before the race is already “TAPER WEEK” for me. From Monday To Wednesday I do some 3kms slow pace then, Thursday to Friday is Carbo-loading days and in the morning I just walk  at least 2kms. Come Saturday, in the morning I do some 3kms Speed Run For the Body to Be Condition on the Race day (Sunday). In The Afternoon I Sleep  And Wake Up at 6pm to Eat Dinner and Prepare my things. After  Preparing Myself and the Things I needed  I Sleep Again For the Last Few Hours before the start of the event. When I Arrive at the venue I jogged for 20 mins Before the gun-start so that I’ll have a good warm up & conditioned body. I also avoid eating oily foods.

In your training you got all your target time but on the race day Elite Runners are competing too. So this time since you’re an amateur runner you will think that beating them is too impossible, but it will only happen if you don’t take on your target game plan. I tell you it is possible if you know what to do. If you tried to beat them on the first few kilometers. They will exert more effort not knowing that their target is to make you exhausted. After that you can’t reach your target and that’s the time that it would be impossible  to beat them. Let those elites run first and just observe them at the first few kilometers and if you them already exhausted that’s the time that it would be possible to beat them. So, you also have to set your game plan not just run. You have to know when to exert less energy or more energy. 

For the runner to finish the race strong and free from any injury he/she must Train Hard. Few months to 1 year before the race, the runner should already prepare for it. Train for it. Your body should be ready for your race. In this case, if a runner  failed to prepare for it tendency would be he/she will get serious injuries or their body can’t easily adapt to the situation. That is the reason why some runners end up, Dying in Marathon, or he/she have a bad Health condition but if you have this consult to your doctor.

As official, I got 54kms as my longest run. Run Mania has one 50kms last December 2014 and in 2015 five Ultra-marathon events. Five out of 6 marathons I manage to defend my title and before Rizal to Rizal (December 2015) my 6th Ultra-marathon I`ll decide to give up the Laguna to Quezon Ultra-marathon because due to conflict of race schedule.

Being a runner  requires a lot of discipline, And I can say that I became more disciplined than before. I'm not an athlete before I entered into the world of marathons. I considered myself as a late bloomer since I Started to run at the age of 21. But being disciplined and passionate about it I started to received titles and prizes. In short I got a lot of achievements that I never thought that I can have those. Before I started to run I was an Online gamer, never in my wildest dreams that I thought I could become one of the PODIUMERS, until I tried. Also, I never  thought that I can run as far as 50kms with a good pacing. These showed me that things are possible to achieve unless you tried it. This is the Reason why I’m a proud runner. Not all runners can run as far and as fast as I can.

Aside, from running, I’m busy with my job as a messenger in a bank. I work from 8am-5pm. Sometimes I arrived at home late due to overtime and heavy traffic. But still, I manage to prepare for my upcoming events.

My dream race are New York and Boston Marathon. Of course, who would not want to join these two prestige Marathons? Right? Most runners would to participate in these events but not all can qualify due to time standards (Im referring to qualifying time). So whoever wants to participate in these 2 big events he/she should have a good personal record of time in a specific distance.

Congratulations Bullet Runner on your past and recent winnings! 

Pinoy Fitness Sub 1 10Km Challenge
March 31, 2014
Top 2 
39mins 22 sec.

3rd AmCham Scholarun 2014
May 11, 2014
Top 2
40mins and 55 sec

Robinson's Fit and Run 2014
July 06, 2016
Buddy Run 

38th Milo Marathon National Elimination
Sept. 14, 2014
10th Place

Pinoy Fitness Sub 2 21km Challenge
November 16, 2014
Top 2 

Takbolusyon Para sa Edukasyon 2014 
November 30, 2014
Top 2 

Hero To Hero 50km 2014
December 27-28 2014
Top 3 
4hrs and 42mins

Takbo.ph 20 Miler 2015
January 18, 2015
Top 1

Fed Run 2015
January 25, 2015
Top 1 

Pampanga Marathon 2015
Feb 22, 2015
Top 2

Tagaytay to Kawit 2015
Feb 28, 2015
1st Place

6th Clark Animo Marathon 2015 
March 15, 2015
1st Place
03hrs and 09 mins

Pinoy Fitness Sub 1 10km 2015 
March 29, 2015 
Top  1
36mins and 52 sec.

1st Laguna marathon 2015
May 25, 2015
Top 1

Rizal  To Laguna 2015
April 26, 2015 
Top  1
4 hrs and 13mins 

Run United 2 2015
June 07, 2015
Top 2 

Hero To Hero (Aguinaldo To Bonifacio)
Kawit to Maragondon
June 21, 2015
Top  1

39th Milo National Marathon Elimination 2015
July 27, 2015 
Top 7 

Sofitel Half Marathon
August 16, 2015
Top 3 

Ninoy Aquino Ultra Marathon 2015
August 23, 2015
Top 1 

Tri United 3 man-relay 
Oct 25, 2015
Top 2

Run United Phil. Marathon 2015 
Oct 04, 2015
Top 2

ImusRun 2015
The District Cavite
Oct. 11, 2015
58mins and 34 sec.
1st place

Pinoy Fitness Sub 2 21km Challenge 2015
November. 15, 2015

Run For Aspins 2015
Dec 13, 2015
Top 3
58mins and 19 sec.

Rizal To Rizal Ultramathon 2015
Dec 29-30, 2-2015
Top 1

711 Run 2016 
January 17, 2016
Filinvest Alabang
Top 2

Condura Skyway Marathon Ran For A Hero 2016
Feb 07, 2016
Top 2
35mins and 46 sec

Silamie Apolistar-Gutang a.k.a. Girl On Fire
Facebook: Seannah Swift
Instagram: seannahswift

 I can do anything I put my mind to.

Since I began working on a night shift for more than two years, I came up into my work schedule which starts from 11PM to 8AM. I am not going to lie, it's been quite rough to adjust with the situation especially that I also have three kids to attend to after working.

It is always given. My children my family, is the sole reason why I work harder. They are my motivation. These are the things that really make me busy my work and family, Running is just my stress reliever.

However, my passion for running make all things possible for me and my children's are such an inspiration and that what keeps me going.

My Preparation before the race always depend on the distance of the race and race course itself.

Two gym session for strengthening of legs/core/back, I usually do this during weekday night before I go to work. Duration is at least 1 to 1 hour and 30 mins. 

Easy Run, I usually do this during my lunch break at work. 5 - 6kms within 45 minutes. And normally, if I am able to wake up earlier before my shift I do Tempo Run and LSD or race during weekend.

"I am proud of myself for being a RUNNER, a MOTHER and a FIGHTER."

Being a working mom at the same time at athlete is quite difficult, but because of my high discipline level  I was able to introduce  real image of a modern mom where it just doesn't end being a good wife and a good  and responsible mother.

Unlike some runners who run long distances for some causes (for the environment, for the poor children in some parts of the world, etc.), Gutang runs  for herself. She just wants to improve her time improve herself in the process.

She was proclaimed as the champion in the 160-kilometer Bataan Death March Ultramarathon female category last February 28, 2016 finishing the race in  23:43:13.

Congratulations Girl On Fire on your past and recent winnings! 

Runfest 2013 21K 
2nd Place

Mens Health 2013 

Rexona Run 21k 
3rd place

L2Q 50k 2014 2nd Place 
1st Ultramarathon

Dash for the Orphans Uphill Challenge 21k 

Dash for the Elderly Trail Challenge 21k 

Mt. Talamitam Trail Assault 

Nuvali 15k Valley Trail Challenge 

16K Urban Trail Run 
1st Runner-up

2014 Caliraya 360 
1st Runner-up

Hero to Hero 50K Ultra Marathon 
1st Runner Up

PSE Bull Run 2015 
3rd Place

Resolution Run 20K 
1st Runner Up

7 Lakes 32k 

Luneta to Tagaytay 60K 2015

Run for Smile 10K 2015
1st Runner up 

Tagaytay to Kawit 50K 2015

Corrigedor Marathon 2015 
2nd Runner Up

Run for Sagwan 16K 2015
1st Runner Up

Ana Kalang 2015 65K 

Mayon 360 5th Edition 80K 
1st Runner Up

Rizal to Laguna  50K 

Nike Manila All Women 10K Run 2015
8th Placer

PARun 10K 2015

30K Valley Trail Challenge 2015

16K Affinitea Run 2015
1st Runner Up

21K Runfest 2015 
2nd Runner Up

38th National Milo Marathon 42K 
10th Place

Mt. Marami 21K Trail Challenge 

Ninoy Aquino Day 50K Ultra Marathon 

Cardimax-Clark Ultra Marathon 100K 2015

RunUnited Philippine Marathon 21K 2015

1st Runner-up 

7-11 Skyway Marathon 2016
2ND Runner-up 

Nutrilite 10k 

BDM 102 2016
Champion - Female

BDM 106 2016
Champion - Female

My dear folks, what can you say about these two amazing runners? Leave your comment and share with us  your out-of-the-door inspiring stories. 

I would like to thank Bullet Runner and Girl On Fire for being so generous in contributing not only their winning advise but for their time and effort as well.

Dios Mabalos, 



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