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Mount Isarog Dayhike via Panicuason Trail: Epic Hike

Basilica Minore Camarines Sur Isarog Travel Guide Mount Isarog Mount Isarog Natural Park Mount Mayon Naga City
Sits at an elevation of 1966 masl, Mount Isarog dominating the landscape of Camarines Sur marks the point where the borders of five municipalities and one city meet. This dormant volcano located at the Heart of Bicol or locally known as An Maogmang Lugar (The Happy Place) is considered a Natural Protected Areas of the Philippines. 

This is the continuation of our Bicolandia holy week road trip, the second day adventure. 

Beach to Mountain | Poro Beach to Mount Isarog

Before entering the park, hikers are required to secure permit from the city Environmental and Natural Resources Office.

Warnings and Reminders

When you enter Mount Isarog Natural Park (MINP), please remember that you are visiting a Natural Protected Area. Leave the park as you found it!

NO alcohol drinks allowed.
Bawal ang alak. HINDI pwede pumasok ang nakainom.
Bringing in of alcohol is STRICTLY prohibited. PArk management and personnel reserve the right to refuse access and entry to intoxicated visitors.

NO diving.
BAWAL ang pag-dive o pagtalon sa anumang bahagi ng waterfalls, nakakamatay.
Refusing to allow this rule may result in serious injuries or DEATH. Visitors are only allowed to stay within the vicinity of Malabsay Falls. Visitors who wonder to other parts of the park do so at their own risk.

NO deadly weapons allowed.
BAWAL and pagpasok ng anumang sandata o armas.
Possesion of lethal weapons is strictly prohibited and punishasble by law. Park management and personnel reserve the right to inspect personal belongings of visitors entering the premises.

LIFE VEST are required for minors under 4 feet tall.
BAWAL lumangoy and mga bata na walang life vest.
Parents and guardians are responsible fot the supervision, safety, welfare and actions of their children and words while inside the park. Use of children's life vests is FREE and transferable.

Babala: papasok kayo sa gubat na may mga angking panganib. 
The ecosystem is sensitive to human presence, influence and interaction. Some insects, animals and plants may also be dangerous when approached or touched. Maintain distance and avoid contact with some plants and animals.

Please do not disturb the wildlife.
Huway pakialaman at hayaan lamang ang mga hayop at halaman.
The ecosystem is sensitive to human presence, influence and interaction. Some insects, animals and plants may also be dangerous when approached or touched. Maintain distance and aviod contact with some animals and plants.

Please do not damage the natural environment.
Panatilihin and kagandahan ng kalikasan.
Carving, painting, etching or vandalizing tress, rocks, or natural surfaces and killing or injuring wildlife, are STRICTLY PROHIBITED and punishable by law. Do not take home with you plants, wildlife, rocks or stones. Please take your trash back with you.

Please be courteous to and respect other visitors.
Magbigay galang sa ibang bisita.
To ensure an enjoyable and safe experience while inside the park, respect other visitors and be courteous to park personnel. Be ware of other people's privacy and rights. Always follow the instructions of the personnel.

The Trail

This side of the mountain has steeper trail with several campsites and waterfalls such as Malabsay and Nabuntalan that can be reached before camp 1. I say that Mount Isarog is quite similar to Mount Cristobal because of its trail surrounded by tress and mossy with almost 80-90 percent assault.

The Campsites

Every campsite has its own dimensions. Most of them can only hold four to seven tents, only camp four and five are the wider camp that can accommodate ten to fifteen tents. 

Mount Isarog is the home of most distinguished and endemic ones. Wildlife that can be found in the park include the Philippine Hawk-eagle, Whiskered Pitta, Wild Boar, Philippine Cockatoo, Philippine Dwarf-kingfisher, Deer, Squirrel, Monkey, Blue Nape Fantail, Long Tailed Macaque, Isarog Shrew Mouse, Isarog Shrew Rat, Rodent, Blind Snake, Bleeding Heart Pigeon, Monitor Lizard, Pygmy Fruit Bat, Red Breasted Pitta and Reticulated Python. In all, there are 143 species of birds. Hardwood trees, mosses, ferns, orchids, mushrooms and Rafflesia, the largest flower genus in the world, can also be seen in this mountain.

The Summit

Mount Isarog summit via Panicuason Trail offers a stunning view of the worlds famous perfect coned-shaped volcano - Mount Mayon on the southern part, some of Camarines Sur towns can also seen at the view deck and its crater if weather permits. 

This is what we've got, a summit picture with white background. #NoClearing 
- Feeling Sad. #RevengeClimbPlease 

How to get Mount Isarog?

Via Public Transportation

From Manila, ride a bus bound to Naga City Grand Terminal.Take a tricycle going to Padian Street. From Padian take jeepney plying the Centro-Panicuason route. Get off at the Girl Scout of the Philippines office in Panicuason. Walk through the road leading to Mt. Isarog Natural Park’s Protected Area Office.

Via Private Vehicle

1. Coming from Manila take the South Luzon Expressway all the way heading south and take the Sto Tomas Exit - Not to be confused with Calamba exit because these two exits are about a few hundred meters apart. Toll is approximately 214 pesos coming from Nichols/C5.

2. Continue taking Maharlika Highway AH26 all the way to Bicol Region passing by towns of Sto Tomas, Alaminos, San Pablo, Tiaong, Candelaria, Sariaya, Lucena.

3. Continue taking AH26 highway until you reach the Old Zigzag Road Fork road. Third junction after Lucena Junction.

4. Take the Old Zigzag Diversion Road headed for Atimonan traversing Quezon National Park. Continue straight until you reach the merging junction with AH26.

5. Once you reach the junction, turn right and continue taking AH26 passing by towns of Gumaca, Lopez, Calauag.

6. Once you pass by the Welcome To Bicolandia Arch there will be another fork road. Both roads lead to your destination but I suggest you turn right taking Andaya Highway since this will cut the time by an hour.

7. Continue taking Andaya Highway passing by Tagkawayan Quezon all the way to Sipocot, Camarines Sur.

8. At the end of the road turn right headed for Naga City. You're back in AH26.

9. Continue straight until you reach Naga City.

10. In Naga City, continue straight until you reach a Rotonda. Take Magsaysay Road between Landbank and Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Parish. Continue straight for about 3kms until you cross a bridge.

11. After the bridge there's another intersection, turn right and continue straight staying on the road for about 15-20kms passing by Panicuason Hot Springs and Girl Scouts of the Philippines Camp. Continue until you reach the end of the road until you reach Isarog Natural Park Entrance. Parking is available at your own risk. Please note that during rainy season and if your vehicle is not off road capable, you will have to park your vehicle at the girl scouts area because the road can be very muddy. In which case you will have to hike all the way to the entrance. You have arrive at your destination.


0430 Breakfast @ PODO Grill and Bulalohan in Naga City
0530 Briefing, Stretching, Prayer
0545 Start Trek
0710 Camp 1 (Take five)
0850 Camp 2 (Take Five)
0930 Camp 3 (Take Five)
1050 Camp 4 (Take Five)
1230 Camp 5 and Summit (Lunch, Power nap, Photo-ops) 
0240 Start Descent
0520 Jump-off point
0700 Basilica Minore
0800 Dinner at Lendes Inn


Kadlagan Outdoor Shop 
Jojo Villareal 09198006299

Special Concerns

1. Since this is a limatik infested mountain I suggest you schedule your hike during summer.

2. If you want to witness a stunning views, you must reach the summit before sunrise and sunset for the clearing. 

3. Mount Isarog via Panicuason Trail is feasible for dayhike, but hikers are advice to start early to get back at the jump-off point before inconvenient time.
Random Pictures

Mount Isarog is more than just a habitat for a variety of species and also the home of indigenous people. It’s a protected area that makes Camarines Sur and Bicol Region known for. Dios Mabalos! Dagos po kamo sa maogmang lugar!


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