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8 Reasons You Should Travel Alone At Least Once In Your Life

Solo Travel The World is Waiting! Travel Alone Travel Tips

Many people seem to think that solo travelers are single people, with many or most looking for love. There's a lot of considerations traveling alone, but end up with one thing - the experiences that no one can give, only oneself. 

From your home to the road, road to the trail, trail to everywhere and the amazing experiences to you.  When you travel solo, you rule your wanderlust dreams. It's simply nice to be able to truly do what you want, when you want, and go where you want with no one else to consider other than yourself. Yes, it can be a scary thing particularly if you've never hit the road alone before, but can it can bring a very powerful experience that will change not only how you view travel, but an impact  to  you as a person. 

My dear folks, check out these amazing people who find time and effort sharing their tips, itineraries, adventures and experiences on how to make your solo travel more worthwhile. 

1. Prove that you are independent enough to go somewhere.

GemGem Gamelong
Instagram: akosigemgem

It's very self-fulfilling as you get to treat yourself for a vacation and at the same time feel that you really can do things on your own, in a place you know nobody.

I went to Bangkok last September 2015 alone for my first ever solo travel. Stayed in Khao San Road, but I choose a quiet place since this place is very much alive at night. 

Booked a small room as I would only sleep there and spend most of the day outside. There are tours available and travel agencies has a network so going solo won't be a problem, they will squeeze you into other tours that are in group needing fillers. I get to see and ride an elephant, visited the reclining Buddha and the grand palace. 

I love airplanes. Come fly away with me!

Next stop would be local destination. I'm going to El Nido this August and I look forward to another great solo travel. Smile Emoticon.

2. Learn to travel even with a little budget and limited timeline.

Although it's great to spend vacation seeing the world with family, friends, or a lover, traveling alone can also be completely incredible. A solo adventure has the potential to be life-changing. 

Von Taripe
Instagram: ad_von_turer

First, I started travelling with my office mates and closed friends until one day I came to know this certain group from Facebook.  Since then,  I was exposed to different beautiful places in the country such as Caramoan Group of Islands, Canyoneering in Badian Cebu and a lot more.

The first place that entered my mind for a good spot to travel was in Cebu City. Unknown to others there's a lot of things more than the Sinulog Festival that this place can offer.  

One month before the travel date there was a seat sale in an Airlines company, without having second thought I immediately booked for  two days itinerary going to Cebu. 

Canyoneering at Cebu

Here is my actual itinerary during my solo travel at the queen city of the south.

Day 1
2:00am Arrival at Mactan Airport
2:30am Arrival at South Bus Terminal
3:00am ETD from South Bus Terminal (Ride a bus- Bato via Barili)
6:00am ETA Badian- Matutinao (tell the conductor that you will be going to KAWASAN falls. Landmark: Matutinao Church 
7:00am Start of Canyoneering from the starting point at Alegria River
(Kuya Kevin- Canyoneering Guide: 09051948970)
11:00am End of Canyoneering. Exit at Kawasan Falls Level 1
11:30 Lunch
12:00nn ETD from Badian (Wait for a bus with the same sign Bato via Barili and proceed to Samboan. Tell the conductor that you will be going to Aguinid Falls)
1:30 - 2:00pm ETA at Samboan- Aguinid Falls (composed of 5 waterfalls levels)
3:30pm/4:00pm ETD from Samboan (Ride a bus going to Oslob. 2 pwedeng sakyan. 1st: Sunrays bus diretso na tong oslob pero bihira lang at hanggang 3pm lang yung byahe. 2nd: Ceres pero hanggang Bato Terminal lang. Mula dun sasakay ulit ng Bus going to Oslob)
5:30pm/6:00pm ETA at Oslob & Rest

Day 2
5:30am Wake up, breakfast
6:30am Proceed to Whaleshark Interaction briefing center
7:00am Start of Whaleshark interaction
7:30am Ride a Habal habal to Tumalog Falls
8:00am Tumalog Falls
9:30am Proceed to Tanawan Beach Resort
12nn Pack up and wait for a bus going to Cebu city
1:00pm Poblacion Heritage Park
3:00pm Ride a bus going to Cebu city 
8:00pm Arrival at South Bus Terminal 
8:30pm Taxi going to Mactan Airport
11:00pm ETD from Mactan to Manila

Sumilon Island

The Northern part of Cebu are mostly beaches and historical places while The Southern part is more of water formations and mountain ranges. One piece of advice I can give especially to a solo traveller like me is to familiarize yourself with the geography of the place you want to visit. Put in mind to go places near each other to save time and go to places that worth your time and money. Before travelling check first online all the possible places.

"I want to travel alone because I don't want to limit myself of what I can do when I am with other people."

3. Talk to different kind of people.

When we were kids our parents taught us not to talk to strangers, but believe me when you grow up you have to! In this trip I learned how to start a conversation with strangers, get along with the locals, learn their native dialect, superstitions and all that stuff. It's always nice to meet new people and new stories. 

Cati Caya
Instagram: catiboyd

I got my first taste of solo travel last April 2015 just when I'm so darn fed up with the daily grind everything in my life is habitual and feels that there's always this dark cloud's above me. So, I thought I  need a short break for my daily routine! And so, out of impulsiveness I booked a ticket to CDO and had my 5-day bahala na si batman itinerary. My dear folks, here are some tips, video clips and a story about my solo travel last year in Mindanao.

1st stop: Cagayan De Oro

The art of Haggling – “Kuya, tawad naman. mag-isa lang naman ako. Plith?” In my case, this line is very effective. Just ask nicely, locals in northern Mindanao is one of the nicest people I've ever met. 

2nd stop: Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte

Don't be too brave especially to you ladies out there, the world is not a safe place as so you know. Wherever you are, always be vigilant. There’s a big difference between being adventurous and being carefree.

3rd stop: Bukidnon

Enjoy the local delicacies – As possible as you can don't eat on fast-foods. I mean it's not each day you're in that place and get to enjoy their local foods right? 

4th stop: Camiguin

You will lost track of time – I almost missed my flight back to manila thinking that the next day pa ang balik ko. Haha. You have this feeling na nasa ibang mundo ka, temporarily you will forget everything else you left behind and all you want to do is enjoy the moment. #CarpeDiem. So, don't forget to note that on your phone reminders!

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” — Mark Twain

So, if you  folks are going to ask me if I'll be doing it again, YES! Definitely! 

4. Interact with locals.

Mary Grace Esguerra
Instagram: merrytravels

"I enjoy hearing stories about their life and learn more about the community they live in."

This was my second time to travel solo, but my first time to do it on my birthday. I actually did not prepare an itinerary for this trip, but just listed the places I want to visit during my stay in Coron.

Not everything went well.  I never got the chance to visit Calauit Safari, which is my top priority on my birthday trip list. I also missed a day of island hopping because it turned out that the tour I tried to join is already full. Despite these disappointments, I was rewarded with unique and memorable moments of doing solo travel on my birthday. Let me share with you some of the highlights of my solo travel in Coron last May 02-07, 2015.

Got myself lucky to witness Bayanihan and more than lucky to participate in it for a few minutes. Watched the Pacquiao-Mayweather bout which was tagged as “Fight of the Century” in Helldiver’s bar in Coron town since I missed the island hopping. Got to see again the foreigner I seated next during my flight to Busuanga last May 02.

Booked three island tours in Coron. On my first join tour, I was the only Filipino traveler.  On the second day tour, I felt so happy to finally have a fellow Filipino on board and even more happier to know that he’s into solo traveling as well. On my last day tour which fell on my actual birthday, I was amazed that I get to celebrate it with my fellowmen. It was liberating to spend your birthday not having to communicate with your tour mates in English. Lol

Had my Instagram-worthy photos taken with/by random travelers/locals I met. One of my favorite photos during this trip was with a group of Filipino travelers. They were from a different tour group but they asked me to have a jump shot photo with them. This was how we met: I was just nearby and heard their funny banters to each other and they noticed me laughing alone.

"Be friendly with everyone you meet. Don’t be shy to at least try a small talk with locals and fellow travelers."

Do your research. There are lots of blogs to read online that will give you list of interesting places to visit and adventures to try.

5. You discover your passion.

For today aspiring travelers, exploring places and your creativity to find your passion is most likely the quickest route to increase your chances for a successful travel adventures.

Donn Ken Lawrence Manguera
Instagram: kenw8

Even though you may not have a clear vision for your travel, you are probably curious about things which may or may not be obvious to you. It’s important to follow your curiosity and uncover your less obvious interests. 

 Kiltepan Peak, Sagada Mt. Province

A good way to tune into these interests is to ask yourself what you would do if you had a billion dollars. Well if you’re looking to spend your life doing something you love, the best way to start is to treat yourself and enjoy.

Tinglayan, Kalinga to Bontoc Mountain Province Bus Topload

When you're alone, you can give yourself time for reflection, and can really think about what your purpose, priorities, and passions are. And of last thing that I always bring during my travel with or without companion in a smile and my greetings to others.

Boat ride at Pinacanauan river

I love talking to people I met along the way, most of the time I ask for their contact numbers and take selfie with them.

"When you travel alone you don't need to have an exact-time-itinerary, just a layout will do."

Location: Yoghurt House, Sagada, Mountain Province 

6. Get to know the stories of your co-travelers, the locals and the history of the place.

Ver Real

Ideally, to look for a place or a person in which we can call authentic or those who can stay in touch to us in a real world is a thing that we must prioritize. Connecting to our unique interests and coming into our own, gives us power in our chosen discipline that others can't claim. The reason for this is the unique fit of these interests to who we are. 

Bring your camera, phone and gopro to capture good memories.

The first time I traveled alone happened to fall on my special day a year ago at El Nido in Palawan. I get to me people with different backgrounds about the world and inspire me a lot. I met some amazing locals or other adventurers that bound to make some new friends during that journey.

The best island for me so far was Maatinloc Island, in which you need to get to the top to see how beautiful this island has to showcase.

7. Discover the deeper side of oneself.

I do believe that having gone to somewhere alone is the greatest way of learning how to love yourself. 

Rasty Sanchez
Instagram: rastyismyname
Facebook Page: Rasty Sanchez

Traveling solo. It may sound like senseless and insane idea. But as what many travelers saying, sometimes the best travel companion you can have is yourself. Indeed, true! In fact, Traveling alone taught me things and leave me thought that I never expect will change my way of living and will change my perceptions in life this maybe the reason I travel solo.

I want to share my solo backpacking experienced at Dalaguete Cebu. This was my first time doing solo trip and it was memorable for me. I decided to visit the place with only one thing on my mind, which is to conquer the highest point of Cebu or the Osmena Peak. I started the journey at exactly six in the morning by hoping on an oslob bound bus from Cebu south Terminal to Dalaguete. While on the bus there were some words that is playing on my mind, am I doing right? What if I get lost? I know no one in that place. To be honest I was really scared. "Dalaguete Crossing" I immediately stand from where I am sitting and started to walk out of bus when I heard that words from the bus conductor. I had mixed emotions while walking out of the bus. Scared and excited. I was scared because eventually that was my first time travelling alone and I was excited because standing at the highest point of  Cebu is one of my top bucket list.

I was standing in front of sari-sari store at the crossing when Kuya Jerry approached me and offered a Habal Habal going to Osmena peak. It was really surprising how he knew that I was going to O peak. Maybe he saw that in my eyes so he told me that it was obviously I'm going to climb opeak because of my backpack and my outfit, oh yeah, I almost forgot I am wearing those gears. Lol. We had a good deal and we started the journey right away.

It was one hour bumpy habal-habal ride going to the jump-off point. My emotions turned into  excitement. At the jump off I met kevin, my tour guide. He was 10 year old boy and he was in his 5th grade. He was a nice little boy, he shared story of his life and I was really touched when I learned that he was there waiting for the tourist to guide to opeak so that he could have the money to spend in the school. It was just 30 minutes hiking from jump-off point to summit of Opeak. In that short period of time we shared stories and we exchanged jokes. It was really a good opportunity to meet people like kevin who is working really hard just to survive and live happily even just for  simple things. 

I sat on the rocks and rest for while, but unfortunately the rain started pouring out and the surroundings started to cover by fog. It wasn't really good time. I haven't had the opportunity to take pictures with the good view. I felt sad, but when I saw kevin smiling at me and doing they are you okay sign I suddenly feel better. I realized that this maybe a sign for me to go back there again.

Location: Man-made Forest, Bohol

8.  You Can Do Anything You Want To.

I travel solo because I can do whatever I want without pleasing anyone. Since it’s just you, you can choose everything. I can modify my itinerary depending on the situation. It is also a great chance to meet new friends and to get to know myself more as well. 
Michael Angelo Maleriado
Twitter: Mike_Angelo30
Instagram: Angelo The Explorer
Facebook Page: Angelo The Explorer

I've been travelling solo for quite a few times now, but one adventure I will never forget was back in 2015 when I travelled from Cebu to Bislig in Surigao Del Sur to see the Tinuy An falls and the Enchanted River. From Cebu where I stayed with my friend for two nights then flew to Cagayan De Oro. When I arrived in CDO, I immediately took a five hour journey to Butuan where I Stayed for a night. The next day, I took another five hour bus ride to Bislig where I spent two days to explore the town. I rented my own habal-habal or a motorbike and went on a day tour up to Enchanted River. I had a blast and I really enjoyed that a lot! I was able to get to hang out with some of the locals and learn so much from the community itself.

The next day, I went back to Butuan and stayed for two days to explore a unique history of the city.  I was also able to taste the best halo-halo so far in the Philippines for me in Butuan. 

This is just the beginning of more solo travel for me. My next big solo travel is going to be in 2017 where I will land in  in Tawi-Tawi and explore places as many as possible from Tawi-Tawi to Cagayan De Oro where I will meet my relatives.  

Traveling alone can help you realize how strong and capable you are. So for those who want to try traveling alone at least once in your life, it's important to do a research which areas are generally safe for solo travelers, and which areas to avoid. Preparing a trip for yourself is bit challenging than going a group, so tell someone from your home that your going to travel alone. 

Record your thoughts and experiences. Beyond that, pack your bag and go explore! The world is waiting! 

My dear folks, what can you say about these amazing solo travelers? Leave your comment and share with us  you're inspiring travel stories. 

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