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Mount Tore (515+ MASL)

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Some people love to shop. Buy buy buy... Shopping can be fun. And yes there is nothing wrong with trying to find the real deal to enjoy things, but for us who always love nature and care to find the best way to escape city life we always craze and look forward to things that satisfy our needs to share, connect and inspire.

Mount Tore (515+ MASL)

Mabini, Batangas
Jump-off: Balagbag Court, Mabini, Batangas
Minor Climb 
Total Kms: 8.30

Early morning the wind began to blow and the raindrops started to pour, our team with full of motivations started to trek on a search for a stress free weekend. 

Sitting the borders between Batangas and Balayan Bay, Mabini Batangas known as a diving ans snorkeling sites also offers one of the best way to escape city life - hiking. 

In the present generation that mountaineering boom in the Philippines many hikers are in the search to find hiking destinations especially those near the metro. For our team that love the idea of trekking plus beach after the tiring ascent and descent, we choose Mount Tore - part of Gulugod Baboy that traverse Calumpang Peninsula. It has three peaks: Gulugod Baboy, Pinagbanderahan and Tore.

The Adventure Starts HERE . . .

The trail is a combination of eighty percent road and twenty percent trail similar to Gulugod Baboy, a never ending uphill that will pass houses of the locals. At the end part of the cemented road you will see this uncommon tree that might get your attention taking your best shots. This is just one of my favorite shot taken by my co-blogger friend rasty of RastySanchez.com 

I can say that the idea of slowing down became the number one lesson I learned from my experiences.
A Slower Pace



Mount Maculot

Maricaban Island

Sombrero Island

Mount Gulugod Baboy


Mount Tore is located at Barangay Bagalangit, Mabini, Batangas. According to the locals of Bagalangit they call this mountain Tore because the structure is most likely a ladder consist of steps between two upright lengths climbing up or down-step.  Talking about the views that can be seen from the summit, Mount Tore offers a panoramic views of Batangas and Balayan Bay, Batangas Port, Isla Verde Passage, Tingloy, Sombrero, Maricaban, Mindoro Island and a silhouette views of  Mount Maculot, Batulao, Lobo Mountain Ranges and it's neighboring mountain Gulugod Baboy (Possible Traverse).


0200 Depart MRT Pasay Taft
0440 Arrived at Bagalbag Court Jump-off
0540 Start Trek
0705 Campsite (Photo-ops)
0710 SUMMIT (Photo-ops and picnic)
0730 Start Descent
0830 Balagbag Court
0900 Mar and Lanie Lomi and Pancit Guisado
0930 Philpan Diving Resort
1000 Depart to Carmico Beach Resort (Boatride)
1040 Arrived at Carmico Beach Resort
1050 Early Lunch 
1100 Photo-ops
1200 Beach Activities 
0130 Socials
0330 Depart to Philpan Diving Resort
0415 Arrived at Philpan Diving Resort
0420 Tidy up
0430 Depart to Manila
0600 Dinner along the way (Batangas City)
0830 Arrived Pasay


"If you want just more of a chill and easy hike, I would suggest Tore. It is best for camping especially overnight to witness sunrise and sunset and you'll have a better view Batangas islands and towns." - Bronzy

Special Concerns

Registration is not fully implemented same with guides but for security purposes you can look for Bagalangit Barangay Captain or any Barangay officials to register your names at Balagbag Court/Baragangay Hall and look for a local/guide. 


Kuya Fate 0915 1449 013
Rate is 1000 (Dayhike)


Mabini Batangas is known as a diving capital of Batangas, Santorino is located beside Philpan Diving Resort. You can also opt to visit their famous sombrero island, mang oscar beach resort, malimatoc falls, maricaban, tingloy island and carmico beach resort (newly discover neighboring resort of mang oscar). 

Acknowledging the hikers that joined me for Mount Tore + Carmico Beach adventure. Cati, Lei, Jean, Jansen, Rasty of RastySanchez.com, Bronzy, Mikoy and Lorraine. Thank you so much my dearests for making this trip memorable for all of us, Dios Mabalos Saindo Gabos! 


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