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Travel Guide to Mt. Apayang Traverse Mt. Talamitam

Mount Apayang Mount Talamitam Mt. Apayang Traverse Mt. Talamitam Nasugbu Batangas
Never underestimate a Mountain. 

"Discover and explore the unexplored." Last August 22-23, 2015 was the inaugural climb of Mount Apayang participated with almost one hundred hikers from SAMALAHAT Mountaineers as part of their 4th year anniversary in mountaineering. 

This newly-opened mountain beside the glorious Mt. Talamitam caught my attention once I heard that it was opened in public. And without so much thinking in twice I told myself that soon I will conquer this mountain. - Mount Apayang

The time has come to set my foot at Mount Apayang. "Kailangan ko umakyat to prove that I can climb again despite of my injuries at para mawala yung trauma ko sa pag-akyat." said Daniel, my climb body for this traverse. According to him, he was about to challenge himself if he can still do this thing even his in the midst of injuries brought by an incident on sand boarding in Ilocos. And with full determination by the injuries from the past he join me to witness, experience and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

We sent off from Pasay at 9:30 am last sunday then rode a bus bound to Tagaytay for our heavy lunch before finally went to the jump off point. Reaching Tagaytay City at 11:30 am is I guess the best time to pig-out, we take our lunch at Papa Prito near Rotonda. In just 30 mins after fixing our stuffs, taking lunch and bought everything we need, Daniel decided to push at the jump-off. 

The Adventure Start here...

Registration: Barangay Hall of Mataas na Pulo

From Tagaytay we take bus bound to Nasugbu then dropped at Km. 91, from the Km. marker we rode tricycle for 15-20 mins before reaching Barangay Mataas na Pulo - The registration point of Mount Apayang.

If you know about Mount Marami you can imagine that there are some similarities on the trail to mount apayang. The first part was cemented road with sugar canes of your both sides then a semi-wide muddy trail on a rainy season. You will encounter river/creek crossing here; first you have an option to cross on a man-made bamboo bridge or literally cross the river that will let your shoes drench while the second river will opt and might challenge you to cross jumping from rocks to rocks or just take your shoes off to cross. 

After thirty minutes  trek passing two rivers, manggahan and campsite we decided to three plus a mandatory selfie with this cow before assault . According to our guide Mount Apayang trail is design for ascent to add spice and thrill to the hikers who love adventures and misadventures.

Water source

I noticed that the eighty degree ascent is quite challenging, it's a thing that let us decide choosing Apayang as the starting point and Talamitam is the exit point due to the difficult descend specially we have this sixty five liters bag with tent, water and a lot of stuffs for overnight.

After two and a half of trek we finally reach the summit, and yey it's always an #AwesomazingExperience to reach a peak seeing the wonderful artworks of God. Mt Apayang summit offers a panoramic view of it's neighboring mountains; Pico De Loro, Marami, Batulao and Maculot on the other side. 

Summit to Timmus

Traverse from Apayang to Talamitam will only take thirty minutes descend and ascend along talahib trail, so better if you are full gear during traverse. #MakatiYungTalahib

Mount Apayang

Mount Talamitam

Mount Talamitam view from Mount Apayang

Meeting someone along the way is something I treasure, I love to meet people came from different places. From love life to real life stories, their adventure and misadventures, numbers of mountains they hike and the most interesting things about every person I met. - Life Story.


Manay Jean

We really enjoy the life stories they shared specially Dex but Manay Jean to be honest "na burat talaga kami sa tagay mo" wag mo na ulitin yun ha? hehe Dahil sa tagay mo hindi nakapag-sunrise selfie si Daniel, kaya kailangan daw nya mag-revenge climb. smile emoticon

The descent with Mount Talamitam at the back

Mount Talamitam 
Sitio Bayabasan Barangay Aga, Nasugbu, Batangas
Kuya Paul 0930 4840 925
Kuya Lito 0930 6139 721

Mount Apayang
Barangay Mataas na Pulo, Nasugbu, Batangas
Kuya Juancho 0916 9336 608

Safe Budget

Php 500 - 800 Dayhike
Php 900 - 1200 Overnight 

"Maybe I need time and space to think for everything, mountain is one of my comfort place."


  1. wow soon hehe
    glad seeing this one here.

    keep it up madame! :)

  2. May guide ka po kilala na can accommodate us twin hike Mt. Talamitam & Mt. Apayang. Tnx

  3. Local guide po twinhike pwede din sa batulao ramon casanova pm for info and update (09101317847)

  4. Local guide po twinhike pwede din sa batulao ramon casanova pm for info and update (09101317847)

  5. Local guide po twinhike pwede din sa batulao ramon casanova pm for info and update (09101317847)

  6. Local guide po twinhike pwede din sa batulao ramon casanova pm for info and update (09101317847)



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