Sunday, September 27, 2015

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Solo Backpack: Visiting the Queen City of the South

Banawa Cebu City Cebuano Daghang Salamat Good Shepherd Hunat Sugbu Magellan's Cross Mountain Climbing Mountaineer Mountaineering Runner Running Sto. Nino Shrine The Queen City of the South
Aside for the famous guitar, sinulog festival, pristine white beaches, strong devotions, dried mangoes and etc. Cebu City has a lot more to showcase. From city to the roads, road to the mountains, mountains to beaches and warm people to you. Solo backpack is always about taking risk but a life changing experience. Let's explore the Queen City of the South. Welcome to Sugbu! One of the most developed city in the Philippines.

Things to do/visit in Cebu.

Magellan's Cross 

Magellan's cross is located beside the Santo Nino Shrine in Magallanes Street. It was bought over by the famous explorer Ferdinand Magellan and planted the cross on the spot where they came ashore in 1521. The original cross is encased in a wooden cross.

Sto. Nino Shrine

The Santo Nino Shrine is located in the old Magallanes Street in Cebu City. Historically, the Santo Nino or the Baby Jesus was brought from Spain in 1521 by the famous explorer Ferdinand Magellan, and was thought to have been lost. When the Spaniards returned and burned down the whole barangay in Cebu, they found the statue in a house untouched by the fire, inside a box, miraculously surviving the fire. The spot where the statue was found is currently the shrine of the Santo Nino.

Banawa Hilltop

Hike at Banawa Hilltop, it is very romantic from sunset as it gives a 180 degrees vision of Cebu with its lights. On a clear day, you can see as far away as Bohol.

Good Shepherd 

Visit Good Shepherd, a pilgrim center with stations of the cross of Banawa Cebu City.

Hunat Sugbu: Dagan Para Ni Maning

Run to commemorate for the late Manuel Ting, run to serve the community. Hunat Sugbu existed because we want to help the community, more specifically the hearing impaired community. Every effort we put in goes to the foundation whose intent is to help the less privileged. Hunat Sugbu takes pride to uphold the vision once shared to us by Manuel “Maning” Ting. We know why we run and continue to exist.

Why not someday you try to travel solo? An #AwesomazingExperience to treasure and to share.

Daghang Salamat Cebu!


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