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Mount Telakawa

Akyat Aral Capas Tarlac Mt. Telakawa The Other Side of Mount Pinatubo Travel
What has made One Hike Mountaineering Club unique from other mountaineering group?

OHMC is a moutaineering group which always live by its maxim  that is to inspire and encourage each of our team members to achieve our goal.  We pursue adventure together and as one. Our group was not built to foster competition but to cultivate friendship and camaraderie. What is important is that we all enjoyed the hike to build lasting memories of fellowship.

We are a group of people with a heart of caring and protecting mother earth and a people who immerses itself to be part of a cause. 

A month after the class opening our group OHMC visited Barangay Maruglu in Capas Tarlac for a cause called Akyat Aral at Mount Telakawa. 

This is I guess one of my organized event that keeps me realized that helping is truly one of the secret sauce to have a happy life. Giving must came from a real sense of people rising up to overcome others condition, an individuals that takes battle to fight against a campaign for environment, hunger, poverty, militarization and to worked closely on a peasant communities affected for as we share the same passion in life - to enjoy God's wonderful creation while doing great things to others.


School supplies for almost four hundred pupils of Maruglu Elementary School in Capas Tarlac.

Group picture with Barangay Captian J. Gawat

After the giving school supplies to almost four hundred pupils, the team now get ready for the next activity. The highlight of the cause; the four hours trek to Mount Telekawa, the other side of Mount Pinatubo.

Pretty close along the way to the jump-off of the famous Mount Pinatubo you'll notice this mountain flamboyantly standing 630 meters above sea level called Mount Telakawa precisely means a pot placed upside down.  

We started our trek at Maruglu Barangay Hall. After about five minutes walk on the nearby houses of the locals we reached the first part of the trail, the "Lahar open field desert" that takes us one hour trek before reaching the aeta community in dalig - the gateway to the summit of Mount Telakawa.

The second part of the trail will dare you to cross the small "Sapa" on a thirty degree angle plus hike along the jungle type trail that this mountain could offer. 

Along the trail we saw a "Kubo", the last house before summit. We are welcomed by this cute family, the #TeamKulots.

Struggling to hike this uncommon mountain really dare everyone of us. #FacesOfFrustration because of the an-established trail. Before the last part we take our lunch to fully energized on the 30 minutes 70-80 degrees assault.

The disappointments now turned to excitement and when we started to hike after the break, it was indeed a great experience seeing God's artwork.

I call this one of the natural beauty that radiates from within, a true essence of mountaineering.  



We call it "Make-Your-Own-Trail". We are the first group of hikers passed this way.  

On behalf of OHMC I would like to acknowledge and say thank you to all the people behind the success of this #AwesomazingExperience you guys are gift of God to the pupils of Maruglu Elementary School. From the donors to participants, admins and coordinators, you are all an inspiration for them to continue studying despite of all challenges and hardships in life. To the Barangay Captian of Marugulu, Mr. Gawat thank you sir. And for all of this, we thank God for the guidance taking us the right way for this event and for the continuous blessing we received to share and inspire others. Again from the earth warrior who believes that there is love when there hope for thyself, for others and for the universe. This is Diwata Ng Bicolandia on an upright hands waving to share, connect and inspire. Dios Mabalos Saindo Gabos! 


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