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8 Things to Get Fitspired This Week!

Aquathlete Be fitspired. How to be fit? How to get sexy? How to stay Healthy? Mountaineer Runner Ultra-Marathoner
Have you ever had one of those before? If not, I guess this is the right time for you to Change for Yourself Not for Someone. Check out these folks who made the choice to find time for fitness and healthy lifestyle. A people who believe in hard work for a life changing journey to healthy lifestyle.


Every mountaineer has their own goal in mountaineering, for a seasoned mountaineer Sir Erwin Castillo it's an accomplishment of his dreams to trek along the great rain forest of Northern Sierra Madre for five days spanning fifty kilometers distance with Agae Tribe of Maconacon Isabela. He started his trek at the coastal Barangay of Bloss in Maconacon Isabela and Finish at Penablance Cagayan passing almost 70% of endless river trekking and river crossing plus the super rocking trail. To be with Agae Tribe for five days is a great escape city life and live a healthy lifestyle. Aside for the eagerness to be with the nature, this man was born to move to be an inspiration to others.

Ran Tistahin

What inspire you to take a few extra steps? To run an extra mile, or make effort towards healthy change?

In case you din't know the reason why you run, better ask him. Ran Tistahin is a co-founder of Team Run Direction, a group of happy and funny-loving people sharing the same passion in life. Ran is a hardcore runner by heart and always find running as the secret sauce to happy life. 

"To all those who want to try running I suggest you to stick on what you've started. You should never get tired because running is timeless, you can stop but don't give up because at the end of the day you'll see yourself how stable, powerful and happy you are."

Teejay Castro ‎a.k.a. The Fabulous Mermaid Queen‬


For a fabulous Aquathlete like Teejay, swimming is an awesome all round exercise. It benefits not just your body but mind as well. He just finished his 6th Aquathlon race last Sunday at  Philsport Complex finishing strong with stunning great record. 

YOLO: "You only live once" so why not make the most out of what this  life can offer us. Do things differently, face your fear and be a dare devil. Put some variations in what you do. Now is the time, just go ahead and do it, no one else can do it except YOU! 

"How will you know if things will turn out good if you're not going to give it a shot!"

Seannah Swift a.k.a Girl On Fire

Find your role as a role model. A quotable definition about a girl on FIRE - Seannah. A mother, wife, champion and super rocking Ultra-Marathoner by heart and soul. For the record she finished nine ultra-marathon with seven champions  and two runner ups.

Seannah: Any form of exercise will make you fit and healthy, I'm not sure about it making you sexy hahaha. "Insecurity" Such a negative word, but it's the right term that trigger her to push through and win against every situations.

Working on night shift for two years until now is a motivation for her to continue doing healthy lifestyle. I was twenty six year old that time when I gave birth to my 3rd baby.  And hey... I'm too young to be Nanay look. So she started to think of something to shade off  those unwanted fats. Going to gym as the first step to lose weight from 58 to 52 kilograms in a span of six months. Over the past months she feel bored working out on gym so Seannah decided for an outdoor workout - RUNNING. She got first place on her first ultra marathon without support. 

"Kaya ang pagmamahal ko sa sarili ko ay idinadaan ko sa pagtakbo, dito ako masaya, dito ko nailalabas lahat ng nararamdaman ko, galit, saya, lungkot at takot."

signature pose

Ryan Ponio
Fitness Aficionado

The difference between your eagerness to change your body and improve because you hate it, is your commitment and dedication for a better change. There may be tons of complaints on weight issues but there's also tons of ways to achieve a healthier and fit body.

Five years ago he was this fat guy who eat what he want, never exercise and just sleep most of the time. Until one day he realized, if others can be fit and have a healthy lifestyle why he can't ? Ryan started gaining confidence and conviction that even when he get old he can still do things he do in his 20's because of his lifestyle

"In life, everything is a choice and the good thing about it is you have the power to make that choice. It is never too late to become the better version of yourself. There may be times when you'll get tired but this should not stop you. You have to remember that the fruits of your labor is always sweeter when you work hard for it."

Daisy Infante a.k.a. Binibining Marikit
Obstacle Runner

Many people get bored of doing the same routine everyday, which make us hard to be motivated. For an obstacle runner since 2013 with full determination to compete oneself more than others, Daisy always challenged herself and declare to overcome obstacles. She is a two time champion of Karera Lakas Pilipinas who always dare herself to challenge an obstacle race without injuries.

"I believed that God gave me this talent for a reason. With this, I am more than willing to be His instrument in promoting wellness and to keep on inSPIring people."

Rowie Pagcaliwagan

Rowie got his first taste of travel after graduating college and landing his first job as a means for his dream seeing those magnificent grandeur that keep him fall in love about travelling. He is a man who travel nothing but a backpack and camera, no plans but to keep going until his tired and broke.

Everyone knows that travelling is expensive but for Rowie, you don't have to be rich to travel. It's not just to travel but to learn. To connect with the nature, expand new horizon and perspective to the world, making friends during trips, wake up on your-own schedule and to discover yourself - to conquer your fears. Although these might have been the only option for him to cope up with stress and engage to a peaceful environment, he always pray to God for his guidance all the way. Believing that this outdoor activity keeps him busy, Rowie always set time to spend bonding with his family. 

"I love to watch the sunset and sunrises in different coasts, star gazing and camping on mountain peaks, immerse myself with the locals, try some exotic delicacies, and fall in love with different cities and cultures."

He always want to inspire others to take risk, be bold, get out of your comfort zones, travel on our own terms and test about our limits and accomplishments. Travelling on a weekend routine is my way to live a healthy lifestyle.

Fe Hernandez
Zumba Dancer

Having a healthy lifestyle is challenging for a forty three years old mom with four children's. Small decision like these will give you a great impact in the future. Her one year in zumba will keep you inspired to dance with her in the next days. Mommy Fe is the founder of SDH Dance Aero in Perpetual Village Taguig with 150 members and as promise, she can dance with you for so long.

"I've been doing this for one year, and I can still push myself so much. I love Zumba, it's an effective and challenging workout. It doesn't get old."

International Hiker

Mountaineering doesn’t require power lifting skills, but it does require a fair bit of strength. After all, you’re not just hauling your body up the mountain, you’re also probably hauling a large pack on your back and your body needs to be able to move vertically with that extra weight.

He may not be so-called professional, but at least he can train like one. Every workout or training is meaningless if they do not build to an outside purpose - you need to Train for your sport. The closer you get, the more sport-specific your training needs to be. Focus on general fitness early to build base strength and durability. More time climbing equals better climbing.

At 4,095 MASL, Mt. Kinabalu is the officially listed highest mountain is Southeast Asia. This mountain offers a diverse array of eco-systems starting with the pine forests were one passes by waterfalls and were encounters with birds, insects and squirrels are not uncommon. The mountain also has a mossy forest with its stunted vegetation. Lastly, it’s most famous attraction, is its rock dominated summit. Marvel at the different rock formations as you brave the cold and the freezing water that runs through parts of its trails.

The seven-hour climb was painstaking as a 60-degree climb on sandy terrain offers unstable footing, which is energy-sapping, as well as the constant fear of falling rocks from above. Still, the reward from watching sunrise from the summit of Mt. Semeru was worth the pain, with Java’s coastline, the nearby mountains, cities and the crater all joining to create a panoramic, picture-perfect view above the clouds.

For those considering taking up the mountains, even for a one-shot adventure, it’s not enough to just show up with your gear. You’ve also got to be physically prepared to go the distance, as there aren’t any quick exits from the side of a mountain. So if you’re planning to take on a peak, you’ll want to spend an appropriate amount of time and energy on getting your body’s physical systems ready for the demands that climbing puts on you. Our bodies may age, but the mountains will keep our spirits young and free.

"More time climbing equals better climbing."

So you like eating dessert, why not reduce it in half? Do morning jog or brisk walk at a park on weekends, When you wake up in the morning do sit ups and remember you can always turn to your loved ones to support you whenever you need them.

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Do something today that your future self will thank you for.


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