Monday, August 10, 2015

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Akyat Aral @ Mount Daraitan 2015

Akyat Aral Daraitan Elementary School General Nakar Quezon Hike for a Cause Hiking Mountaineering Mountains Mt. Daraitan Tanay Rizal Tinipak River
If we wish to have a years of prosperity we should plant corn, if we want 10 years of prosperity we should plant trees but if we are wishing to have a hundred years of prosperity we should educate people.

Normally schedule on summer in the month of May-June before the class opening, Akyat Aral aims to provide various items like school supplies (plastic Envelope with handle, Notebooks, Pad paper, Crayons, Pencil / Ballpen, Eraser, Sharpener, Glue, Colored Paper) hygiene kit (Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Soap, Alcohol, Face towel) for teachers (Manila Paper, Bond Paper, Pentel Pen/Marker, Educational Charts, Chalk). This aims to promote education and inspire children to study hard and give pride for themselves.

It's The Mission of Hope
For The Children

The Beneficiaries 


This invitational climb organize by Doc Dot Romero will benefit Daraitan Elementary School in Tanay Rizal on August 30, 2015. The team will first hike Mount Daraitan plus side-trip to Tinipak River before they distribute the school supplies.


0200 ETD from Shaw (I'm still looking for a van we can rent)
0400 ETA in Brgy. Daraitan/ Register and get a guide/ take early breakfast (if needed)
0430 Meet Bgy. Capt.Sucapco / Leave the school supplies at the school, Start Trek to Mt. Daraitan
0630 ETA Summit/Explorations/Photo Ops/ Breakfast
0700 Start descent to Tinipak River
0800 Arrival Tinipak River / swimming and cave exploration
1000 Start Descent to Tinipak River
1100 ETA Barangay Hall/Freshen Up/ Set-up
0100 Distribution of School Supplies/ Tooth-brushing Drill / Games
0300 Head back to Tanay
0400 ETD from Tanay to Shaw
0600 ETA Shaw Blvd

Things to Bring 

1. Sun protection 
2. Raincoat (in case of rain) 
3. Bag cover 
4. Ziplock/plastic for your trash 
5. Extra clothes 
6. Slippers 
7. Personal trail food 
8. Tissue/Wipes 
9. Camera 
10. First aid kit/ personal medicine 
11. 2L hydration 
12. Food

What to Expect?

Mount Daraitan sitting the borders of Tanay Rizal and General Nakar Quezon has a 600 meter ascent that might feel steep to those not used to hiking. Standing approximately 739 meters above sea level with 4/9 difficulty might challenge every hikers but gives them a chance to witness sea of clouds if ever they reach the summit early in the morning with a double heart shaped river on it's backdrop. 

For pledges and donations please coordinate with Doc Dot Romero. Your donations helps to improve lives and inspire the pupils to study hard for their future generation. 

For more updates on the event please click here: 

LNT applies. Be responsible.
- Dot Romero


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