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No To Mining In LOBO

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Lobo is a third class municipality in the Province of Batangas, Philippines. It is about 145 kilometres (90 mi) from Manila located near the southern tip of Batangas province. Lobo offers many attractions. It has good white sand beautiful beaches whose ocean floor slopes gradually for nearly 200 meters before a drop-off, pristine waters and forests that are still home to exotic birds and other wild animals. It has very good coral and marine life on some of its beaches that attract many snorkelers, scuba divers and underwater photographers. It also has protected mangrove forests and fish sanctuaries. 

Along the coast of Lobo is Verde Island Passage that was known as the home of some of the worlds diverse marine life and declared as the center of the center of marine biodiversity. The Verde Island Passage is a highly productive fishing ground for both traditional and commercial fishers, and where coastal tourism and development is booming. It is a major sea lane with commercial and fishing vessels regularly passing through to reach the international ports of Batangas, Manila, and Subic Bay.

Monitoring the threats of the center of marine biodiversity is one of the challenging part played by the First Philippines Conservation Inc. in order to protect and conserve the marine biodiversity area of the country. The virtue of this rich ecosystem threatened different causes such as  illegal fishing, pollution, irresponsible tourism and now a plan to mine for gold that comprises 263 hectares of Lobo.

As of the moment, MRL, a Canadian owned mining company is securing a permit to be signed by Mines & Geo-Sciences. If this will push through, the beautiful natural beauty of Lobo, Batangas will become a waste and that will include destroying the serene beach resorts in Brgy. Malabrigo. 


On an exclusive interview on Failon Ngayon (a public service program on ABS-CBN) according to Lobo Batangas Vice-Mayor in return for the approval in gold mining the company will employ 150 unemployed locals of the barangays comprises the area of mining.  Beyond profit sharing, majority goes to the company with 98% and only 2% on the Philippine Government. 


Along this alarming issue, huge number of Environmental groups and advocates protest in the pending mining at Lobo, Batangas. In participation and in line with a strong petition about the mining, the Mountaineering Society take actions to save Lobo from exploitation. Our group One Hike Mountaineering Club organized an event that will let other people know the reality happening at one of our country's last remaining marine sanctuaries (An organized hike at Bangkalan Peak (Mount Lobo) and Mount Tibig.)

Bangkalan Peak (Mount Lobo) 670 MASL

Mount Tibig 563 MASL

Mt. Tibig connects Batangas city and Lobo Batangas thus, offering a scene of mountain ranges. From the jump off point, the community of Hulong Banalo, you will be welcomed by the very warm hospitality of the locals. The trail up the summit is also a reward as it passes by different fruit trees such as mango, sugar apple and tamarind. At the 360 degree view summit you will be welcomed by views stretching up to the verde islands and even up to Mindoro where Mount Halcon is located. From the summit, there are rock formations that are scattered around giving nice viewpoints and adventurous action shots.

As an earth warrior I am encouraging you to please share this with like-minded people who are also interested in protecting the remaining treasures of our country, the center of center for marine biodiversity. We say  #NoToMining #SaveLobo #SaveOurHome #SaveTheNature #TheSea #TheMountains #TheAnimals #SaveMotherEarth 


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  2. Hi Diva. Yes it's quite far, but showcase a lot. Smile Emoticon

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