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Diwata Deadly Traverse: Malipunyo to Manabu

Hiking Lipa Batangas Malarayat Mountain Range Malipunyo Manabu Peak Sto Tomas Batangas
Sunday is the only day that makes me happy but worst in the evening, grrrr I hate the day after Sunday! 
Mount Malipunyo has been known as a view deck of Mount Makiling, Banahaw and Maculot; on its traverse you'll see the great Mount Cristobal and the famous libreng Kape-Kape of Mount Manabu on the exit point which challenge me to take this for my first time.

According to Pinoy Mountaineer don't expect the views to be spectacular, though. Basically, the attraction of Malipunyo is its forests. Though not grand like that of Makiling, it has a rural feel. Fruits such as sintunis (a form of citrus) and sampinit (wild strawberry) grow in the slopes of this mountain. Animals such as wild boar, monkeys, and iguana are also claimed by the locals to be present in the mountain and camping at the summit affords cool breezes.

Diwata Deadly Traverse

In preparation for my upcoming invitational organize hike for a cause (Climbed for a HERO) I confirmed this invitation from Sir Felix to join this traverse, and without thinking it twice I packed up my stuffs and of course myself. (di ako nagdala ng gears kase sabi ni Sir Felix chill chill lang naman daw, lakas pa ng loob ko naka-short lng ako at pati arm sleeves di ako nagdala.) 

This is it pancit. After the quick orientation of Master Felix the adventure begins at the entry point of Barangay Talisay, Lipa. Along the way we passed local houses on a small road until the team get off the first take five point, the small river with a lil bit of boulders upon reaching. 

Right after the five minutes break the team resume trekking the wild trail of Malipunyo. The trail was bit slippery and a lot of different kinds of harmful plants/animals I was in this mountain, there was a time I got to touch/hold the grass and it always surprise me. NAPAKA-KATI... 

Maybe some of you think why I call it a Diwata Deadly Traverse.? This is it, the story about the Tuklawan Portion SANA..

At dahil medyo nabagalan ako sa kasama ko nauna ako sa paglead ng team kasama si Jerland, walang dalawang minuto sa pagakyat pag-apak ko may ahas sa may aapakan ko (naka-labas na dila at ready na manuklaw, sa mga oras na yun dalawa lang ang inisip ko na gawin. 1 tumakbo ng mabilis, 2 matumba sa at himatayin katabi ng ahas - magpataypatayan para umalis ang ahas pagnakita nya na patay na ko. Ito ginawa ko sumigaw ako ng malakas at tumakbo ng mabilis hanggang sa marinig nung guide na may ahas, nilapitan nung guide yung ahas...kumuha ng camera at kinuhaan, pagkatapos ng isang minuto umalis na yung ahas.) pagkatapos nun di na ko naglead, natakot ako kasi baka may kasunod pa. 

Lesson learned: wag mauuna sa guide at wag mainipin, mag-antay para wag masaktan.

Thanks God Buhay pa ko!

Second and last rest station before the final assault.
Yey the team OHMC at the summit of Mount Malipunyo!

Before 12:30pm we resume trekking taking traverse via Susong Dalaga, this time Jerland lead the team together with Sir Felix running on the first part til we get off the house of nanay where we drink free coffee. 

Along the trail from Susong Dalaga traverse to Manabu we passed the grassland that take 1 1/2 hrs and descend of 30 mins before the final assault all the way to the Y marker going Mount Manabu. 

The last part of this deadly traverse take us to Mount Manabu, said to be the great peak for beginners. It features woodlands, meadowy peak and views of Batangas Mountains.

After the photo-ops we finally descend, on the midway of the trail we were offered by the famous homemade kapeng barako of Mang Pirying that was much like by all of the hikers of Manabu.

Diwata found at the exit point after her deadly traverse.

Sidetrip - Early Dinner along Sto. Tomas Batangas



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