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Pa-Bebe Climb: Mt. Romelo

Buruwisan Falls Laguna Mountains Lanzones Falls Macatad Mount Romelo Siniloan Laguna

Sitting the southwest border of Sierra Madre Mountain Range is Mt. Romelo where you find along the land of waterfalls. Rated by Pinoy Mountaineer as minor climb with 2/9 difficulty  and can be reached 2-3 hrs via Macatad jump-off in upland Siniloan in Laguna features the seven majestic waterfalls and a panoramic view of Sierra Madre and Laguna de Bay.

From the usual meeting place of hikers/mountaineers of manila (Mcdo Mrt Taft beside Sogo in Pasay City) we sent off 5:20 am and arrived Macatad jump-off after two and a half hours via private transpo c/o Kuya Marlon.
Accompanied by my running team from SPi Global Runners Club with 3 guest from other team, we choose to hike Mt. Romelo because of the cascading water of the falls that give spice to us and give a lot of motivations to trek the last falls we conquered that day...the deadly ascent/descend of the marvelous Old Buriwasan Falls.

After paying 50 php for the registration entering the premises of Mt. Romelo plus a sidetrip visit of their falls, we now start our adventure trekking the 300 meter above sea level elevation of this mountain with surrounded with beautiful wonders as a backdrop. 

Pa-Bebe Trek 

The trek happened so fast because of pabebe mamaw top 1 and top 2 who lead the team to reach the summit almost one hour after we left the jump-off.

After taking FIVE at the summit we head the team to the campsite of Buruwisan to eat lunch. At the campsite you'll see nippa cottages that open for rent, I think it's best alternative for tent if you want to visit the place hassle free and experienced the pristine beauty of Mt. Romelo adding the seven majestic falls full of crystal clear waters.

Just a few minutes after our bit lunch we continue trekking to get off our first destination, The Sapang Labo Falls. Another 20 minutes trek made but as we get closer to the falls trekking along the buttery rocks and boulders we were motivated to walk faster to reach the cold water coming form sapang labo.

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Del Villanueva
Tom Martinez
Bernie Boy
Jestoni Albert
Binibebeng Marikit
PaBebe Groupie @ Sapang Labo

PaBebe Groupie @ New Buruwisan

Aside from swimming, photo-ops, water massage, diving etc. you can meditate and relax at Lanzones Falls.

After visiting lanzones falls our guide Kuya Jojo told us to prepare for our last sidetrip that day. To be ready with buwis buhay ascent and descent to Old Buruwisan Falls. I have no words to described our ascent and descent but 'BUWIS BUHAY' I think the name Buruwisan came from the word buwis. 

We run romelo trail ascending about 20 minutes with our Inspired leadpack, PaBebelle and Binibebeng Marikit. Upon leaving macatad we ask the local about the nearest restaurant in town, kuya jojo our guide referred us to take Manay's. Manay's is located at Pakil Laguna, the word Manay is a local dialect of Bicol which means a girl. 

Another great weekend happened as part of  Diwata Journey to 25 because of Mt. Romelo plus the waterfalls. 
- Diwatang Pa-Bebe


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