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1st Cavinti Amazing Race Wild Wadi

Amazing Race Cavinti Amazing Race Wild Wadi Cavinti Laguna Cavinti Laguna Tourist Attractions Laguna Falls Pagsanjan Falls Wild Wadi

Being known for it's tagline "Para sa patuloy na pag-asenso, Cavinti ay mahalin at ipagmalaki natin!" of this 3rd class Municipality located at the Province of Laguna headed by Honorable Mayor Melbert Oliveros is not just known of the famous Cavinti Falls A.K.A. Magdapio/Pagsanjan Falls but now an eventful, adventures, falls, caves and Eco-Tourism Capital of Laguna. 

In cooperation with sport consultant Joseph Prince Baltazar and tourism officer (IOC) Ms. Nitzell Dela Torre as part of Cavinti tourism promotion this Amazing Race Wild Wadi was all possible. 



Usually persons joined this race are sporty, healthy, physically fit coming form running community, athlete, mountaineers, swimmers and individuals who are inclined with outdoor sport. And as a mountaineer/hiker we never think in twice to joined this race, our group ONE HIKE MOUNTAINEERING CLUB had three pairs on the race. 





The Race is about to START

What is Amazing Race?

Amazing race is a team of two individual with preexisting relationship such as dating, married, siblings, lifelong friends, parent and child, sports team colleagues, co-workers, etc. The team who arrive first at the Pit Shop that get the clue lead the team for the next destination and directly let the team to perform next level, passed the obstacles and race legs are declared winner of the Race. 



"Baybayin ang daan pababa sa BOATING (LANDING) STATION, hanapin si KUYA TAMENG sa nga BANGKERONG nag iintay kunin ang bubuuing PALAISIPANG LARAWAN at mag suot ng LIFE VEST at HELMET, sumakay sa Bangka at humanda sa pagsagupa sa lagaslas patungo sa "TALAHIB" para sa PUZZLE PIECE #1 pagkatapos ay tumungo sa CAVINTI FALLS para sa next challenge"


"Mag HILA NG BALSA patungo sa CAVINTI FALLS para kunin ang puzzle piece #2, bumalik mula sa falls sa parehas na paraan patungo at kunin ang instruction para sa next challenge"


(Aalisin ang LIFE VEST) "Mag suot ng HARNESS at umakyat gamit ang 586 steps na METAL LADDER patungo sa VIEW DECK ng PUEBLO EL SALVADOR, tanggalin ang HARNESS at hanapin sa puno ng SYZYGIUM NITINDIUM ang PUZZLE PUCE #3 at tumungo sa EL PUEBLO OFFICE para kunin ang PUZZLE PIECE #4"


"Maglangoy patawid sa ILOG para kunin ang PUZZLE PIECE #5 pagkatapos ay MAGTARZAN at lumangoy pagtawid pabalik at tumungo sa KALAKAL para sa next challenge"

"Linas na Pandan ay Bulayin, sambalilo ay suksukin" puzzle #6


"Magtungo sa Palengke at Hanapin ang GE-O-MAN'S EATERY, kumain ng inihandang delicacies hanggang sa maubos at mabusog tsaka kuhain ang PUZZLE PIECE #7 at ang susunod na hamon."


"Tilapian! Tilapia Kayo Dyan! Bili na kayo ng Tilapia!" Tumungo sa Oliveros Street at ilako (itinda) at HINAINAN (Kaliskisan at tanggalin ang bituka at hasang) ang Dalawang kilong Tilapya sa halagang 90.00 kada kilo. Bumalik sa GE-O-MAN'S EATERY at ibigay ang napagbentahan, para kunin ang PUZZLE PIECE #8 at next clue"

ang hirap pala magbenta ng Tilapia!


"Papuri! Papuri! Papuri sa Panginoon!, Halinat papurihan ang ating Patron El Salvador Del Mundo" 
"Pagmasdan ang buong bayan mula sa Kalangitan at dun matatagpuan ang mga kasagutan" PUZZLE PIECE #9/LAST


"Mistulang malaking MANOK O IBON, nagsisilbing orasan ng mga kaingeros gubat noon, Humuhuni ng ika-anim ng umaga at umuulit ng ika-apat sa hapon"

At the end of the day competition is competition, there is a team who will be declared as winners. 

Finishing 3rd place, the running mates

2nd place from OHMC, Team One Love

Finishing strong, the 1st place winner of the 1st Cavinti Amazing Race Wild Wadi with one LOVE Mercynell and Matt. 

Indeed another great day added to Diwata Ng Bicolandia journey to 25. Thank you so much Sir Prince of Prince Multisports and Events Inc., Tourism IOC Ms. Dela Torre, Mayor Melbert Oliveros, the rest of the councils of Cavinti and the hospitable people of Civinti Laguna. To Mayor Oliveros, thank you so much for being so great leader of your town you are truly an inspiration to your people. Thank you sir for inviting us being part of the opening of the new Cavinti Boating Station. As a Diwata I will always treasure the moments I have in this race; the stories I had will now be a challenge for me to continue doing great thing for myself and to others, I will forever be an inspiration to other people and forever be a Diwata with a big heart. 

Congratulations to the winners and finishers of the 1st Cavinti Amazing Race Wild Wadi!

Selfie with Idol Juden of TRD

The Racers with Sir Prince, PNP Chief of Cavinti and Honorable Mayor Melbert Oliveros

I love you people of Cavinti; I will forever be back to this place to explore, experience, enchant and enjoy the gifts of God.
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