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Twin Dayhike: Maranat Traverse Balagbag

Balagbag Traverse Balagbag Balagbag Traverse Maranat Mount Balagbag Mount Maranat Mountaineering Rodriguez Rizal
Are you looking for a cheap yet exciting adventure near the capital city of the Philippines?

Two to three hrs from manila you'll reach this mountains maranat and balagbag. 
This is an invitational climb organized by Sir Felix of One Hike Mountaineering Club and said to be my first twin dayhike as of this far.

Travelling is indeed part of my weekend routine, my days are incomplete without a weekend escape. And to travel with a new set of friend/new found friend is one of the promising experience as a backpacker/hiker. 
Meet the nurses of Makati Medical Center (Miss VeralynKathe and Kyla) headed by their leadpack Miss Nicole Palec

The couple hiker "Miss Nathalie and Sir Dric"

Lei ang "Diwata Ng BonPen"

Arean ang "Diwatang Kapangpangan"

Along the trail we passed by the King of Glory Community Chapel of Barangay San Isidro in San Jose Del Monte Bulacan. The first part of the trail from the jump-off are gradually elevated but  when we reach the KUBO with Store that offer snacks/food we encounter a trail called easy hehe sisiw because of the flat and established trail. 
Second major break take 10.

After 40 mins the group get off the 1st half of the trail, we really salute our newbie members for taking a minimal break for this hike.

The Falls is in the sight, it's a sign we're near the the summit and it motivates us to speed up our pacing cause all of us want to take swim and experience maranat's waterfalls. 

This is it the most exciting part of the hike, river crossing. There are only three options to cross the river; to climb the boulders, literally walk on the river (up to knee water) and the 3rd option is to take manually operated zipline.
Em Peror first to try

Miss Nicole

Last to try Lei

Maranat waterfalls refresh every mountaineer, it provide so cold water to cool you off. 
Ysa: Come on guys lets swim before we traverse mt balagbag and start to trek again of 2-3 hrs with pure assault. 
One Hikers: surething diwata let's take this signature pose #ONEHIKE.
After 30 mins enjoying the waters of maranat we now ready ourselves to traverse balagbag, some don't have undies so the only option was to push through until dry (sa sobrang init impossibleng hindi matuyo yan..haha) 
We started to get off maranat at 2:30pm under the severe shine of sun, it kills us so much. (Thanks God I'm complete gear for sun protection) Note: Traverse is difficult for newbie hiker so I suggest you should ready yourself and bring sack of patience and self discipline for this adventure. 
Picture taken at the middle of traverse.

Take 3 OneHikers before the final assault to reach the summit of Mt. Balagbag. Photo ops.

Summit View at the Helipad Mountain 5:30 ATM
Mt Balagbag has an easy trail, established and wide and good for mountain biker and trail runners, it's good enough to practice trail running at this mountain because of it's proximity to the city and the scenic view of this mountain being part of the sierra madre mountain range. 
 From mount balagbag summit we get off the jump-off about 33mins running with Em Peror.

Thank you OneHikers! Kudos for the success of this traverse, mula sa PUSO ng nagiisang Diwata Ng Bicolanda. #selematpo


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