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TOP 3: Stunning A-LI-BI-JA-BAN

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I want to go somewhere tropical, a tropical island like Alibijaban. But what if you were stranded on this island, what do you need?

I was browsing the net last 3rd week of April when an article of my co-blogger friend prompt out talking about this stunning island of Alibijaban, and without thinking it twice I told myself to explore the island without travel companion.

Why Alibijaban Island is Top 3 on my bucket list?

I’m on a search to know why Alibijaban is the name of the Island.

I really love to travel on an undiscovered place for me find myself and appreciate the real beauty of nature and to see the best thing one place could offer.

I want to experience and see the tranquil beauty of Alibijaban Island and meet the hospitable people of the isla specially the kiddos.

I love Bundoc Peninsula also known as “BonPen”

I am 100% in love with Alibijaban.

The first attempt of this solo backpack was schedule May 3 of the present year; unfortunately I was failed for get off the island because I came late at Alabang Terminal so instead I switch on my PLAN B. Borawan Island Solo Backpack was set that day; I’m bit sad but I have to accept that May 3 was not the best time for me to visit Alibijaban until such thing happens, I met my online brother and sisters who are also member of One Hike Mountaineering Club (OHMC) whom I took with to explore the gorgeous Isla of Alibijaban in San Andres Quezon Province.

Finally the time has come! Horraaayyy for TODAY… I now put a big check on the Top 3 of my bucket list. Yahoooo..!!! 

 Far away from the so-called city life you can reach this island as part of the 7107 of the Philippine Archipelago, this is the island you wouldn’t know about until someone referred you and point you out on the map.

We depart from alabang terminal at 8:30pm via Barney Bus (it's my first time to rode an ordinary bus with Wifi and protected by CCTV cameras)

We really enjoy the strong signal of barney bus! After 8 and a half hours of bus ride we finally get San Andres proper. And since we're so hungry that time we asked the locals for the nearest place to dine; like restaurant or what but unfortunately the place don't have to offer aside from carenderia. We dine near the market and yes horray for the longganisa quezon ang sarap! 

A-LI-BI-JA-BAN Island is on sight!

Meet this 3 explorers of Las PiƱas City

Kuya Dominic (bangkero) drop us at the regular campsite for tourist. After walking around the campsite securing a place to pitch our tent we notice that it's lil crowded and I think we will not enjoy the area because of the huge number of people camping, (I guess there are seven tents that time we arrived) so we ask the locals where could we find the sand bar and kuya local taught us the right way to get there (it's around 20 minutes trek along the mangroves before we get off)


After trekking we finally found a place to pitch a tent, near the sand bar and mangroves. Perfect for camping so cool!

Right after we pitched the tent it is necessary to take selfie and this is what we DO!

One Hike Signature POSE

Sometimes the Focus gets over power by its backdrop. This is the theme: Diwatang pumu-pilita corrales ft. Diwatang Sea Woman.

As Diwata I love meeting new faces of happiness and making friends along my travel, I want to test my maximum when it comes to socializing others. Meet my new friends from Quezon City, this gang of happiness that composed of professional individuals with different sport and love for traveling. Some of them are runners, hiker, event organizer, triathlete, marathoner and a traveler that was also inspired with the beautiful island of our country. 

different faces of happiness

Meet my travel companion for this ESKAPO!

22-years old Aesthetesian from Trece Martires turned hiker ft. back packer, newbie in traveling but dedicated and inspire to explore the tropical island of the Philippines. Meet my new sister Mags Escalante.

A psychology  student of University of Perpetual Help System DALTA. He is gamer, and ON to travel but not in hiking according to Mags. - Neil

Fritz Ycoy, A 23 years old fresh graduate of Marketing Management. A rookie in traveling, enjoys discovering and experiencing wonders of Philippines. But above all else, he's a man who will do anything for an ice cold beer. Cheers!

Hi, I'm Oshin, and I got my first taste for traveling when I was 18 years old. On my own, 4 years and 30 something countries later, my wanderlust has only grown and the list of countries I want to visit longer. After working onboard the cruise ship for the past few years and returning home for a stint, I then quit my job and stayed in the Philippines. I am 24, and now into hiking and backpacking around the country. Still quite few  places to cross off my bucket list. 

A woman who believes that difficult road often leads to beautiful destination, and YES she proved it again this time. Sister Oshin is a travel junkie during her spare time. 

Follow my misadventures as I wander, eat, and photograph my way around the world.

Other things to do:





 Bird Watching

Fishing with the locals

Photo-ops at the sand bar

Explore the rest of the island

Walk along the mangrove forest

How to get Alibijaban Island?

From Araneta Cubao Terminal

  1. Take Superlines/Barney Bus bound to Aurora former name of San Andres Quezon Province.
  2. Proceed to pier and hitch a ride for a motor boat.

From Alabang Starmall Terminal

  1. Take Barney Bus bound to Aurora former name of San Andres Quezon Province.
  2. Proceed to pier and hitch a ride for a motor boat.

From Lucena Grand Terminal

  1. Take Barney/Superlines Bus bound to Aurora former name of San Andres Quezon Province.
  2. Proceed to pier and hitch a ride for a motor boat.
From San Andres Port to Alibijaban

  • 1st option: Hitch a ride with the locals to cross the island (50 pesos per pax)
  • 2nd option: Hire a motor boat (Contact kuya dominic 0909 3839 902)

Thank you my brothers and sisters that make my TOP 3 a momentous and never forgotten travel ever! 
- Mula sa Puso ng nag-iisang DiwataNgBicolandia 

"Give people a reason to remember my name." 

-Alibijaban Island


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