Thursday, May 7, 2015

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Into the North: Mt. Arayat

Arayat Dayhike Arayat Pampanga Magalang jump off Mount Arayat Pampanga Mountain

“Jumping from boulder to boulder and never falling, with a heavy pack, is easier than it sounds; you just can't fall when you get into the rhythm of the dance.” Jack Keroua 

Been known as the lonely giant of Central Luzon, Mt. Arayat in Pampanga with 1,026 MASL high is superlatively visited by many hikers of the north because of it's loneliness and being compared as MAKTRAV of the south.
From Manila via NLEX we reach magalang jump-off point at 5:00am, barangay was closed that early for registration so from the jump-off we look for a nearest food chain or carenderia to take breakfast since almost all of our companion are hungryONE. Just near barangay we saw a carenderia that cater lomi/mami/guto front of the hospital (I forgot the name of the hospital...haha) 3 mins after breakfast we ride our van (c/o Kuya Nards) and finally started the trek 6:30am.

Locals told us that trekking the summit will take us around 3-4 hrs depends on the pacing. Along the trail you will encounter sampaloc trees, different kind of birds, plants/trees and boulders. 

After more than 3hrs of trekking the group reach the summit. HORRAYYY were now at the top of the lonely  giant "Mt. Arayat" photo ops everywhere...
Hardcore Mountaineer Sir "Ricardo Martin"
 Sir Felix "The Fat Mountaineer"
Half Marathoner Ft. Mountaineer "Emperor"
"Diwata Ng Bicolnadia"
Sir "Jigz"
Obstacle Barefoot Runner Sir "Elgem"
Sexy Mommy Mountaineer "Janz"
Sir Adam
Lunch at the view deck summit of Mt. Arayat
The new endorser of TIMMUS water #FUN #EMPEROR
After the trail run, 1 1/2hrs descent.
Day-hike Itinerary: 

03:00 Genesis Bus Station
05:00 Mt. Arayat Jump off
05:30 Breakfast (lugaw lang)
06:30 Start Trek 
07:00 The last Sampaloc
09:10 Summit View deck
10:00 Lunch-Socials-Inuman
10:30 Descent trail run 1 1/2 hour lang pababa.
12:00 Back to jump off
13:00 head to Famous Resto (disappointed not so good food)
15:00 Mindanao Ave-MRT Pasay traffic!
16:00 Pedro Gil

Mt Arayat dayhike COMPLETED. 100% thanks mamser!


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