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ANGEL Ikaw ang Star ng STAR CITY

Amusement Park in Pasay Pasay City Ride-All-You-Can Roller Coaster Ride Start City
Looking for an extreme/family/kiddie/teen/adult rides?
Angel's partner #K-POP
Located at the borders of Manila (North), Makati (Northeast), Taguig (East) and ParaƱaque (South) Star City at Pasay quickly became one of the best amusement park and most visited 
during weekdays and even weekends.
I was invited by my classmates/friends to join the gangs first kick-off for 2015. We left evacom (ParaƱaque) at 3pm, rode fx and get Star City at around 4pm. Due to the huge volume of people that day you look star city as a cockpit arena on their ticketing area; it's quite disappointed for me cause I don't enjoy this kind of oh-raa, I just think that I am on a mountain that day. 

Here are list of ticket price effective December 15, 2014 
(c) http://www.starcity.com.ph/
Admission Fee Php 65.00
Entrance inside Star City only. EXCEPT Mid-way games, coin operated machines, rides, attractions, Snow World, Lazer Blaster, Scream Avenue and Walk on Water.
3 Cheers Ticket Php 360.00
Three rides of your choice (Ride restrictions apply), EXCEPT mid-way games, coin operated machines, Snow World, Lazer Blaster, Scream Avenue and Walk on Water. Entrance fee included. (Ride restrictions apply)
Ride-All-You-Can (RAYC) Php 420.00
Unlimited access to
KIDDIE RIDES: Quack-Quack, Kiddie Wheel, Little Tykes, Tea Cup, Kiddie Bumper Car, Rodeo, and Ball Pool.
FAMILY RIDES: Grand Carousel, Happy Swing, Magic Forest Ride, Red Baron, Super TeleCombat, Dragon Express, Wacky Worm and Giant Star Wheel.
OLDER KID, TEEN AND ADULT RIDES: Bumper boat, Bumper Cars 1 and 2, Jumping Star, Tornado and Blizzard
EXTREME RIDES: Star Frisbee, Surf Dance, Jungle Splash, Star Flyer and Viking Ship
ATTRACTIONS: Toy Chest (Coming Soon), Peter Pan, Time Tunnel, Pirate Adventure, Dungeon and Gabi ng Lagim
(Ride restrictions apply). EXCEPT Mid-way games, coin operated machines, Snow World, Lazer Blaster, Scream Avenue, and Walk on Water. Entrance fee included.
Snow World Php 150.00
Unlimited same day entrance. (Ride restrictions apply) Entrance fee excluded.
Star Dome: Heart of the Dragon Php 80.00
Good for 1 (one) entry. Entrance fee excluded.
Lazer Blaster Php 100.00
Good for 1 (one) game only. (Ride restrictions apply) Entrance fee excluded.
Scream Avenue Php 120.00
Good for 1 (one) film showing only.(Ride restrictions apply) Entrance fee excluded.
Senior Citizens are given 20% Discount on RAYC
Please bring any VALID identification Card
A. plus Snow World Add P100.00
B. plus Star Dome: Heart of the Dragon Add P60.00
C. plus Lazer Blaster Add P60.00
D. plus Scream Avenue Add P60.00
Tickets and Ride All You Can Pop Tags are non-refundable. Ride All You Can Pop Tags are non-transferable and void if altered.
*Rates may be changed without prior notice*

1st ride: Star Frisbee

Star Frisbee let rider experience to swung to dizzying heights while the outward facing seats spin around.
2nd ride: Giant Star Wheel

Try to spin over the 60 meters high star wheel that can accommodate  passengers each gandola.  
3rd ride: Jungle Splash
experience to drop into a 15 meters high into the splash.

4th ride: Surf Dance

swing upward, downward and sideways to experience a total extreme ride that stands almost five storey building.
I also try to get massage with Garra Rufa or also known as Doctor fish for it treat skin decease as on experts. 

Star City has more than to offer, try to get their then ride a world class rides and attractions.


1. Star Dome (requires separate fee)
2. Scream Avenue (requires separate fee)
3. Snow World (requires separate fee)
4. Lazer Blaster (requires separate fee)
5. Time Tunnel
6. Gabi ng Lagim
7. Peter Pan
8. Pirate Adventure
9. Dungeon
10. Toy Chest

Extreme Rides:

1. Viking
2. Star Flyer

Family Rides:

1. Happy Swing
2. Dragon Express
3. Magic Forest
4. Red Baron
5. Wacky Worm
6. Telecombat
7. Grand Carousel

Kiddie Rides:

1. Kiddie Bumper Car
2. Kiddie Wheel
3. Magic Tea Cup
4. Ball Pool
5. Rodeo
6. Quack Quack
7. Little Tykes

Older Kid, Teen and Adult Rides:

1. Bumper Car Smash
2. Tornado
3. Bumper Car Rave
4. Jumping Star
5. Bumper Boat
6. Blizzard


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