Tuesday, November 11, 2014

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Taga itay: Side trip

Picnic Grove Tagaytay City Tagaytay Tourist Attractions Tapang Taal
Legend has it that the word Tagaytay came from "taga" meaning to cut and "itay" which means father. A father and son were said to be on a wild boar hunt when the animal they were chasing turned and attacked them. As the boar charged towards the old man, the son cried "taga itay!". 

The boy's repeated shout reverberated in the alleys of the ridge. Heard by the residents, hunters and wood gatherers, the cries became subject of conversation for several days in the countryside. In time, the place where the shouts came from became known as Tagaytay.

The usual it was a sunday morning when we went tagaytay, it was the only day that I can escape for travel. Accompanied by my classmates...
We sent-off coastal terminal at 9:30 and unfortunately we arrived tagaytay around quarter to twelve due to heavy traffic at Dasma and Imus. 

Before we drop off I ask them where to eat our lunch since we arrived almost 12; and because we were so hungry that time no one can answer me about what they want to and where to eat, they said "Kahit ano basta mabusog tayo ok yan."
Tapang-Taal was their best seller. (I forgot the name of the restaurant) what I remembered about was they are just near Tagaytay Rotonda and they have viewdeck of Taal Volcano. If Mang-Inasal is unli rice this restaurant offer unli sinanggag and horrayyy your 99 php was all worth it. 
inside restaurant 
With just a short and limited time we then get Tierra De Maria or the replica of Manaog in Pangasinan located in Tagaytay-Calamba road beside Picnic Groove.

Not to be confused Picnic Groove still one of the best place to visit in Tagayatay. Upon reaching you will pay 50 php entrance, inside the famous tourist spot the first thing you'll notice about the area are the dozens of souvenir stores, pasalubong and snack shop lined until you reach the eco-trail. 
We also bought souvenir shirt and our theme is jeepney with differenet colors that we choose to uniquely describe/represent ourselves :) 

Taga itay is indeed a place to visit, it provides a cool and breezy vacation place to soothe frayed nerves and bestow a renewed sense of vitality to city-worn souls. 


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