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Do or Die: Pico De Loro Experience

Cavite City Maragondon Cavite Monolith Mount Palay-Palay Pico de Loro Ternante Cavite

I must start off by saying that every experience no matter what it is, Good or Bad we learn from it. When I was a child I never had a dream like this to climb/hike a mountain to camp, summit or what. I just think that whatever happens for this climb will definitely remain an amazing experience. I was invited by my friend to hike at Pico De Loro, she said Mt. Pico is amazing and popular one. 

Start of the trail, following the yellow signs.

200 meters away from the jump-off, our trail leader "Ronalyn" with her animal printed leggings, pink shirt (angry bird) and DORA inspired bag

Pico De Loro is located at Ternate Cavite, we have sent off from Coastal Mall Terminal around 6:00 AM and we arrived at Ternate at 7:45 (the fare from coastal bound to ternate is 81 php, Saint Anthony De Padua “Aircon Bus”), from ternate we rent a tricycle bound to DENR (we pay 200 php). The tricycle driver is very kind and approachable; he drops us off to DENR for registration then afterwards he brought us to “JUMP-OFF” where we will start to hike. 

Ysa and Ronalyn on the mountain trail

Almost an hour before we reach the base camp, pahirapan tumawa pagod na kasi...

We're OK

I remember from the beginning of our adventure Jainah said it would be a “Do or Die” experience which I also agree because I know it would be very difficult for us since we’re not a professional climber. haha… It was raining when start to walk; but since we have our raining shield we continue the trail, Ronalyn was our leader she was the one who finding the yellow paint on the trees and rocks for us to follow the trail and reach our first stop which is the Camp 1. Of course while following the trails we have to set our cameras; and since we’re not prepared we just brought three cameras which mean we have each. After 45mins following the trail we see a sign going PICO camp 1, but before we reach the camp there we’re a lot of dogs waiting and barking us; gosh we have Cynophobia, everyone of us find a shield for ourselves (Jainah get her tripod, Vega and I picked stick, we we’re shouting “Manong Rey; patulong naman po, takot po kami sa aso. Please naman! Hangang sa narinig/nakita kami ni ate; anak ni manong rey. Sabi naming ate takot talaga kami. Ate: di naman nangangagat yan. OK) finally we reach Camp 1; we register again (Registration Fee: 20 php) we we’re welcome by the wife of manong rey and we ask how to get the base camp (unfortunately ate said; for a first time hiker here at PICO I suggest you must have guide because it’s difficult to climb specially it’s raining.) we ask how much incase we’ll rent a guide; 1000 php was the first price until we told ate that we we’re a student of tourism in manila and we’re finding a possible tourist destination for our school project until ate said; ok 700 php would be the last price (ano pa bang magagawa namin nandun na kami kaya magrent nlng kami kaysa naman maligaw pa kami, sabi nga ni manong tricycle driver “6-7 hours lang naman daw kami maglalakad pagnaligaw kami ng daan.”) Ate introduce as for his son Reynald our guide, we and walk and walk until we reach the Base Camp of PICO (Ako: Kung aram ko lng na nguwan nikad. Susme sampolong pabalik balik sa bongao ang katumbas tapos grabe pa katukarun. Abo ko na mag-utro idi, grabeng pagal… kaun na nagkarulugadan, nayburubaralintok na, joross gamboa na akira, si nheng nagkasasarabit ng flaus, byu na kaming gagaratul. Ata tiaga-tiaga sna tlg makabot sana sa base camp ta makapapicture. Hahaha..mapagalon palan mag-paralakwatsa)


@ the base camp... malakas ang hangin pagdating sa taas.

Ysa winning pose. haha

part of the base camp, foggy, strong wind and moderate rain.. take pic for YSA

Finally we reach the base camp (kadakol tawo, syempre iksena man ngaya…attitude man ngaya bata sabi samu namuna lng daw dudoy magitass samu si Mike Tan, la man namu ka malas ta pagabot namu sa base camp daman sya ta idto man palan sa pinaka-itas sa PICO mismo, we don’t dare na to climb pico kasi delikado bad kina magka rulossloss pa kami saying ang facelak) We take some pictures at the base camp and sightseeing before we sent off then drop by at the falls to swim and finally get back to jump off. Indeed, this adventure makes me realize how lucky I am to have my feet to conquer heights and beyond which I say “Journey is a true treasure."

nakasandal pa sila sa bato oh. naku po di man lng natakot. hahaha. afraid si ysa kaya tingnan nyo ang face. lol

read some text and new status may signal na. update narin.

How to get Pico De Loro? 

By Public Transport 

Take a bus boud to (Saulog) for Maragondon or Ternate Cavite at Coastal Mall Bus Terminal. You may hire a tricyle at Ternate Cavite to take you to the DENR and jump-off point. 

By Private Car

Take CAVITE Express Way, go toward the road of Puerto Azul. Drive toward he magnetic hill sign where the jump-off point is located. This is between the entry point of Puerto Azul and the military barracks.

Expenses: 650.33 php

Coastal Terminal to Ternate Cavite - 81.00 php

Tricycle Hire from Ternate to DENR and jump-off - 75.00 php/pax 

Food - 105.00 php/pax

Travel Guide for day hike - 700.00 

jainah, ronalyn and ysa (the curve) @ the falls Mt. Pico De Loro

after the adventurous hike, trek, climb and swim ayan pose pa rin. @ the jump-off


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